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Sri Lanka ranks one of the ‘best islands in the world to visit 2023’


By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): Sri Lanka has been named one of the best islands in the world in the list of “The 50 Best Islands in the World for 2023” published by travel website, Big 7 Travel.

Sri Lanka, ranked 13th amongst the 50 islands, is defined as a “beguiling” island in the article, was credited for its renowned hospitality and flavourful food, adding that “there are a thousand reasons” to visit the island nation.

“Sri Lanka has been off the tourism radar for a few years now due to protests, economic crises and the pandemic, but its doors are now wide open.

There are a thousand reasons to visit the beguiling island, not least its friendly people, flavourful food, endless beaches and timeless ruins.

This compilation of the world’s most captivating and alluring island destinations offers a tantalizing peek into where globetrotters should set their sights for the year ahead, with the list having been put together by experts and enthusiasts alike, encompassing a wide range of island experiences.

To curate this prestigious list, a meticulous selection process was employed. Scores were meticulously aggregated, taking into account valuable contributions from an engaged social media audience and travel experts who have explored these destinations first hand.

Notably, this year’s assessment also considered significant events scheduled for 2023, new hotel and restaurant openings, and special initiatives designed to enhance the visitor experience.

In the Big 7 Travel article, Sri Lanka was lauded as a “beguiling” island with a plethora of reasons to visit.

The island’s acclaimed hospitality and delectable cuisine were particularly emphasized. Despite facing challenges like protests, economic crises, and the COVID-19 pandemic, Sri Lanka now welcomes tourists with open arms.

The article also spotlighted the diverse attractions Sri Lanka offers. These include its friendly inhabitants, infinite beaches, timeless ruins, tea plantations, and wildlife parks teeming with elephants.

The nation also boasts thousand-year-old ruins, providing visitors with a rich historical experience.

The inclusion of Sri Lanka in this prestigious list validates its resilience and potential as a leading global tourist destination. Despite recent obstacles, the island nation has upheld its allure through its breathtaking natural beauty, rich historical tapestry, and warm culture.

This ranking is anticipated to significantly boost Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, particularly as the world gradually recuperates from the pandemic’s impacts.

The country’s placement on the list serves as a beacon, encouraging potential travelers to consider Sri Lanka as an ideal destination for their upcoming adventures.


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