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“Sri Lanka Sex Party” forms political party!


It is reported that steps have been taken to register the Sri Lankan Sex Party  in the Election Commissioner's Office for a freer society that accepts sexuality in a positive way.

It is said that the primary objective of this is to discuss the sexual politics behind many political issues in the country and to advocate for sexual freedom and rights.

The sex party believes that freedom should exist for any action that a man does to please his five senses and mind without harming another.

Sex Party's reading is that culturally repressed sexual desires lie behind racism, bigotry, and violence, a wound that runs rampant across the country.

These are the basic representations of that party

1- The full right to explore, understand and accept one's sexuality and gender identity without any discrimination.

2- The right of a woman to make decisions about her own body and to obtain the necessary facilities for an abortion, when necessary, without legal or social hindrance.

3- The right to work as a sex worker and to receive the necessary health and legal care.

4- The right to equal opportunities for people of all sexes, regardless of disability. (This includes the right to sexual satisfaction)

5- The right to same-sex marriage and polygamy.

6- The right to proper sex education

7- The right to seek one's own satisfaction in one's own way.

9- The right to express opinions without censorship or fear.

10- The right to live without the influence of religious ideologies.

11- Drug decriminalization and control. A person has the right to obtain a drug of his choice of proper quality without hindrance of the law.

12 - The right to a healthy death when life is no longer satisfactory. (euthanasia)

13- Right to access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services.

14- The right to live without sexual violence.

15- The right to pursue one's goals and happiness in life.

16- The right to live without racism and religious discrimination.

Monetization and entrepreneurship are encouraged and efforts are made to maximize benefits to society.

Those who believe in these matters and want to join in building this party, please contact us by email.


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