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Sri Lanka still favourite destination for tourists despite challenges


Sri Lanka faces hardships in the current economic context; however, the island nation has been successful in braving through the challenges and remaining a favourite destination among travelers across the world.

Sri Lanka maintained its rank as a sought-after spot for tourists and ranks among the top 10 friendliest countries in the world.

Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards 2022 ranked Sri Lanka as the ninth friendliest country in the world. The rank is offered based on public voting from travelers and holidaymakers.

“They say you can travel the world and you’ll never find anywhere as welcoming as home but we don’t quite think that’s true. From the ever-beaming people of Sri Lanka to the famously open-armed population of New Zealand, our planet is home to some seriously friendly countries,” said Conde Nast Traveler in its description of Sri Lanka in its announcement.

“For Indians, Sri Lanka is an international destination at domestic prices,” says Tourism Ministry sources adding that now especially, with an exchange rate favourable for them, it makes for a very affordable getaway.

Sri Lanka was poised to be one of the world’s best holiday destinations, thanks to the diversity of accessible experiences on offer, combined with affordability and traditional hospitality, once the civil war ended.

However, the country, for which tourism is an important income generator, suffered a major setback with the Easter bombings in 2019, followed by two years of pandemic restrictions. Then, this month, the cancellations began again.

“From children to the elderly, the people of Sri Lanka are known for their love of visitors and genuine desire to help. On the south coast, set sail on a whale-watching expedition in Mirissa, shop the colourful boutiques of the fort city of Galle or shack up at the uber-luxe Cape Weligama hotel, occupying a cliff next to the ocean.

“Make the climb up to the Tea District, where precarious winding roads will lead you into the heart of the country’s tea plantations or towards the centre, climb Sigiriya Rock for views far and wide,” it went on to state.

Sri Lanka was ranked below Belize and above the Philippines. French Polynesia, Colombia, and New Zealand were listed as the top three friendliest countries.

While the people of Sri Lanka are facing hardships, due to the ongoing economic turbulence, the tourism sector has ensured international travelers are cushioned against any impact. Line agencies and tourism stakeholders continue to take active steps to deliver the true Sri Lankan holiday experience.

As the island nation is braving through challenges, just as many other nations, due to the global economic conditions, Sri Lanka tourism is determined to stand stall and is confident in moving towards revival in the coming month.


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