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Sri Lanka to formulate national policies to ensure food security


The National Council sub-committee on national policy which met on Nov. 10 has decided to appoint a sub-committee made up of representatives of all the relevant institutions to formulate policies related to ensuring food security in this country.

This was decided at the meeting of National Council sub-committee on identifying short and medium-term programs related to National Policy.

Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Fisheries, as well as other institutions under the said ministries were invited to this meeting and basic proposals were discussed on how to change the policies and the existing obstacles to achieve the goals related to food security.

Instead of these institutions trying to achieve their goals separately, the committee chairman emphasized the need for all institutions to enter into a joint approach.

Accordingly, apart from the ministries of agriculture and fisheries, the sub-committee also advised to plan these policies jointly with the Ministry of Irrigation, Ministry of Lands, Provincial Councils and Local Government Institutions, Department of Wildlife Conservation and all other relevant institutions.

Department of Manpower and Employment, Export Development Board, Industrial Development Board, Investment Board and many other institutions were invited to this committee meeting held. It was decided to appoint a committee for the formulation of policies including the promotion of entrepreneurship in collaboration with all these institutions


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