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Sri Lanka waives off tax on raw materials for sanitary napkins

The Sri Lankan government recently initiated measures to waive off duties imposed on five imported raw materials for sanitary napkins produced in the country to make hygiene products more affordable for women and school girls, according to the Presidential Media Division. Tax concessions were announced for imported finished sanitary napkins as well.

The price of a pack of 10 indigenously-produced sanitary napkins will now be reduced by Rs. 50-60 with these concessions, and the maximum retail price of a pack will be Rs. 260-270. The retail prices of imported finished products will be reduced by 18-19 per cent.

Customs duty of 15 per cent, cess duty of 10-15 per cent and port and airport development levy (PAL) of 10 per cent have been waived off on import of intermediate goods and five raw materials.

The value-added tax (VAT) on indigenously-manufactured sanitary napkins is nil. Importers of finished sanitary napkins also get the benefit of zero VAT, according to Sri Lankan media reports.

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