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Sri Lankan Rupee Holds Steady Against US Dollar in Local Banks

Former US President Donald Trump was released on bond after undergoing the booking process at the Fulton County jail in Atlanta, as reported by CNN. He was arrested and booked at the jail on charges related to the Georgia election subversion case. Trump’s time at the jail lasted approximately 20 minutes. Following his release, he addressed reporters, stating, “I did nothing wrong.” He characterized the criminal case against him as a “travesty of justice” and asserted his right to challenge what he believes to be a dishonest election. To secure his release, Trump agreed to a USD 200,000 bond along with certain conditions negotiated by his attorneys. These conditions include refraining from using social media to intimidate co-defendants or witnesses in the case. Trump covered the cost of the bond by contributing 10 percent and working with a local bonding company, Foster Bail Bonds LLC. Notably, Fulton County marks the first case where Trump has had to pay a cash bail. His chances of being released without cash bail were slim in Georgia, given that he was already facing multiple felony indictments in the state. Protestors gathered outside the jail, chanting slogans against District Attorney Fani Willis, who had charged Trump and 18 others in the election subversion case. Security was heightened around the jail, with more than ten agencies from the Metro Atlanta area present. Canine units and drones were deployed to ensure security. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis had given Trump and his co-defendants a deadline to voluntarily surrender. The charges against Trump and others were part of a 41-count indictment focused on racketeering charges. This marks the fourth set of criminal charges that Trump faces.

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