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Sri Lankan Sex Party has no registration with Election Commission!


The Chairman of the Election Commission Attorney Nimal G. Punchihewa said that a party called the Sri Lankan Sex Party has not yet been registered in the Election Commission.

He has said this while commenting on the news published on social media that a party called the Sri Lanka Sex Party has been registered with the Election Commission.

The chairman has disclosed that no party has been registered this year, and the applications for the political parties to be registered this year were called in January, and the interviews of those parties are being conducted currently.

Punchihewa has stated that as far as he knows, there is no party with the above name and the Election Commission pays attention to several factors when registering a party as a recognized political party.

The chairman says that the name of an existing party, whether national symbols have been used as symbols of a party, whether the name of the party is against the constitution, etc. will be checked during the party registration, but no other special issue will be checked.

He has also pointed out that if a certain party portrays sexuality in a wrong way, it can lead to a problematic situation.

The Election Commission Chairman has further stated that although the Election Commission cannot check the moral conditions, they would have to look into whether any problems could arise by their social activities.


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