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Sri Lankans in Geneva demand repeal of Emergency regulations


A large protest was held today (28) in front of the Human Rights Council in Geneva by a group of Sri Lankans living in Europe, asking for the repealing of the Emergency Regulations imposed by the Sri Lanka government.

The protest was organised against what they called "the unethical Ranil-Rajapaksa present parliament that does not have the people's mandate" as well as to demand an election after its dissolution. 

The protestors held boards that highlighted matters such as power cuts, shortage of fuel, gas, medicines and essential goods, inflation, media censorship and the arresting of the general public who are exercising their freedom to protest, among other issues. 

The 51st session of the UN Human Rights  Council will take place from 12 September to 7 October and Sri Lanka will be represented by Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Sabry and Minister of Justice Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe along with a contingent of a limited number of state officials. 

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