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Sri Lanka’s medium grown tea prices fall in September


Sri Lanka’s low priced medium grown tea prices fell in September fourth week sale to 1,358.97 rupees a kilogram, from 1,40.6.80 rupees per kilogram in the previous week, Ceylon Tea Brokers data showed.

In the last week of September, medium grown averaged at 3.74 dollars a kilogram down from 3.88 a week earlier.

In Sri Lanka Mercantilists and soft peggers usually claim that inflation comes from imported prices. However, prices of all traded goods, whether imported or exported go up when the central bank prints money to depreciate the currency.

Global prices also go up in dollar terms (commodity booms) when the US Federal Reserve prints money. At the moment commodity prices are booming due to the so-called ‘Powell Bubble’ the worst since the Greenspan-Bernanke bubble which broke in 2008/2009.

At the September 30 sale auction, the Low Grown leafy/Tippy variety had seen a drop in demand selling only 2.0 million kilograms.

The Ceylon Tea Brokers auction statement shows that tea prices across all elevations have fallen between 100 to 200 rupees.Low Grown attract the highest prices for Ceylon Tea.

In the September 4th week auction, the Low Grown Tea sale average was 1,774.30 rupees, up from 1,754.66 rupees in the previous week.

In dollar terms, it had moved up to 4.89 dollars per kilogram, from 4.84 dollars in the previous week. BOP1’s all better types declined. Poorer sorts were marginally dearer.

OP1’s Select best were lower whilst below best varieties were maintained. Poorer sorts were
firm to dearer.

OP’s well-made varieties were barely steady, whilst below best maintained. Others and bottom were fully firm to dearer.

OPA’s select best together with best OPAs irregularly lower whilst below best and poorer types fully firm to dearer.

FBOP/FBOP1’s Select best and best had a sharp decline whilst others held firm.BOP’s All types were lower to last.BOPF’s All round lower market. FBOPF/FBOPF1’s Select best and best had a sharp decline, whilst others held firm

The High Grown auction average was 1,523.41, up from 1,519.95 rupees.In BOP, Best Westerns were firm. Below best were firm to Rs.50/- per kg lower. Plainer types too followed a similar trend.

Nuwara-Eliya’s remained firm. Uda Pussellawa’s were irregular. Uva’s maintained.In BOPF, Best Westerns sold around last. Below best Plainer teas maintained. Hardly any offerings
from Nuwara Eliya’s. Uda Pussellawa’s firm to marginally easier. Uva’s maintained.

The elevation has experienced heavy rains in the past week. The Medium Grown auction average for the week was 1,358.97 rupees down from 1,406.80 rupees a week before.

This week, BOPF’s Cleaner types maintained whilst all others declined..In BOP1, Select best, best and the below best declined by Rs.100/- per kg whilst the Plainer teas lower by Rs.50/- per kg.


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