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Strict Laws to Combat Unauthorized Sharing of Intimate Content


Sri Lanka is taking decisive steps to combat sexual harassment by introducing stringent legislation aimed at punishing individuals who share intimate photos and videos on social media without consent.

Minister of Public Security Tiran Alas has submitted a memorandum outlining the proposed bill and related laws to the Cabinet of Ministers.

These new laws are being formulated to prevent the unauthorized dissemination of intimate photos or video clips of former partners through social media platforms, with the explicit aim of intimidating and causing emotional distress and embarrassment.

Under the proposed legislation, first-time offenders could face imprisonment for a period of up to five years or a fine not exceeding Rs. 500,000.

For repeat or second-time offenders, the penalties become even more severe, with imprisonment of up to 10 years and fines reaching as high as Rs. 1 million.


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