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Talks between Irish Labour Party and the JVP


A JVP delegation including its National Organizer Bimal Ratnayake, and a group of Irish Labour Party including Senator Maria Sherlock have met in the Irish Parliament and engaged in discussion.
In that discussion, views were exchanged at length about Sri Lanka’s economic crisis, Sri Lanka Government’s repressive measures and the problems faced by Sri Lankan students studying for doctor’s degrees in Ireland. A letter has also been handed over in this regard.
Discussions have been held between the JVP and the Irish Labour Party on the upcoming political affairs and Bimal Ratnayake and others have also participated in watching the parliamentary session.
Representing the JVP, the party’s organizer in Ireland Ruwan Samaratunga, Prabhat Srilal, Lasith Niroshan, Sarojani Rajapaksa participated in the talks while the Irish Labour Party was represented by Cllr Brian McDonagh and Head of International Affairs, Dr Darragh O’Donnell.


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