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The economic crisis has challenged people’s right to health – Amnesty International


Amnesty International says that the economic crisis in Sri Lanka has challenged the right to health of Sri Lankans, and with the worsening of the economic crisis, the shortage of essential and life-saving drugs and medical equipment has become a serious problem.
States the latest report released on the violation of the rights of Sri Lankans due to the economic crisis under the theme, “We are near total breakdown”. According to the report, a pediatric surgeon told Amnesty last June that there is a shortage of potassium chloride, antibiotics, insulin and medical equipment for children.
The report states, “For months now, the people of Sri Lanka have been suffering from severe shortages of food and have struggled to access healthcare, while sky-high inflation has exacerbated already existing patterns of inequality. The Sri Lankan authorities and the international community must act quickly to mitigate the widespread human rights cost of the crisis, which has cruelly stripped away people’s access to their rights.”
It is stated in the report that a doctor stated that due to the lack of stock of certain medicines in government hospitals, when a patient is admitted, they are asked to bring the medicines from a private pharmacy, and the patients who do not have the money to bring them are turned back.

The report shows that due to fuel shortages, Sri Lankans have been hindered from getting quality healthcare whenever needed.
According to the report, the lack of fuel has hindered transportation, and Sri Lankans have been hindered from accessing health services due to the high cost of transportation when transportation is available. According to the report released by Amnesty International, this problem drastically affects the Tamil people of the plantations.
The report states that due to the economic crisis, the right of Sri Lankans to have an adequate diet has also been challenged. Amnesty has said that due to rising food prices, loss of livelihood, and reduced income, the ability of Sri Lankans to purchase an adequate and nutritious diet has been hindered, or they have to allocate more money for food expenses.


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