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“The land we are walking on has endured a severe tragedy” – Anura Kumara Dissanayake


“We are stepping on a land that bears a great tragedy where hundreds of thousands of people, without any distinction between North or South in this motherland, are buried’, says Anura Kumara Dissanayake, the leader of the National People’s Power.
He further emphasized that a large number of friends, brothers and relatives who were alive and breathing with us have passed away on this land. He made these comments speaking at the ‘Adhitana’ (Determination), conference held at Polonnaruwa on September 30th by the Retired Armed Forces Collective.
Speaking further, the NPP Leader said, “What happened after people who appeared with specializations like the villager of Polonnaruwa, the biggest brain in Asia, the working hero, etc. took power? Individuals cannot do anything in today’s world. Success in today’s world depends on collectiveness. The National People’s Power is the only political movement in this country that unites all abilities, knowledge and efficiency. The citizens of this country should trust in the National People’s Power because of the collective action that exists there. No matter how brilliant an individual is on the war front, victory cannot be achieved without teamwork. The country is like that. Today we are addressing a group of people who played the biggest role in ending the war to liberate our motherland. Big tombs in villages, bus stands, are built in memory of soldiers. We are gathered at a time when many of your friends and relatives who were living and breathing with you have passed away. This is true not only in the south, but also in the north as well. All of us are walking on a land that is enduring a great tragedy. This is a group of people who have made many sacrifices for the freedom of the motherland, the freedom of people, the safety of future generations, and a country with democracy, law and order. In summary, this is a group of people who hoped for justice for the country and the people.
There was a time when war victories were auctioned on the political stage. The war was used to consolidate power by holding provincial council elections intermittently. In each of those provincial council elections, several officers representing the forces were presented as candidates. They used the personnel of the forces as a shield to cover their corruption, wastefulness and deplorable politics. On the political stage, personnel from the armed forces were auctioned. Not only that, some people in the forces were used for their political needs. Is the killing of Lasantha Wickramatunga a matter of homeland security? No, it is a question about politics. The investigations related to kidnapping and injuring Keith Noir, assaulting people like Upali Tennakoon, Poddala Jayantha, disappearance of Ekneligoda, killing of Thajudeen, kidnapping and killing of eleven children in Trincomalee stopped at some point when the connections of some people in the armed forces were revealed. 99.9% of the reputation of the armed forces was auctioned on their political platform and for their personal interests. A massive debate exists in the society linking the Easter attack with the last presidential election.
If we examine the path leading up to the Easter attack, it is revealed that after the war, you did not expect any re-division but building unity between the Sinhalese, Tamils ​​and Muslims. The commander who was in charge of the eastern region by learning the Tamil language with difficulty, showed that it was not re-partition you expected but National unity. Although your aspiration was the unity of a nation, the ruler’s aspiration has never been national unity. The rulers created a division between Sinhalese and Muslim people. During the war a lot of support was given to the army by the Muslim people against the LTTE. After the war, they were pushed to the other side and a division was created. The group that lost power in 2015 tried re-establishing suspicion and division from the North to regain power. A big campaign was carried out saying “Tigers have risen again”. Though they used something like that in their vocabulary after 2015, neither you nor parents in the North never expected anything like that. Parents in the North have the same expectations as we do for our children. The re-emergence of an influential armed group in the North is unlikely. However, even a knife attack in the north, was used to put up the slogan “Tigers have risen again”.
But by 2017, the story that the Tigers will rise again was abandoned and a discussion was created hanging on to the tail of Saharan. A new political slogan was created as “Nation is in danger” by promoting ‘Sterile Pillows’, ‘Sterile Clothes’, ‘Sterile Doctors’ etc. another slogan created by them was that by2050, the Sinhalese nation will be made a minority nation and the Muslim nation will be the majority. The military officers who intervened to end the war learned Tamil while the rulers sowed racism and created the background for the Easter attack.
The result of the 2019 presidential election was written on April 21, 2019. The result was announced on November 17. By August 2019, the country was on the verge of turmoil. The result of that journey was released on November 17. Fingers have been pointed at several officers of the armed forces regarding the Easter attack. We do not know the truth. Should this black spot for the entire military and the entire intelligence sector be allowed to remain throughout history? Or shouldn’t a proper investigation be conducted and those responsible found? The Supreme Court has ruled that President Maithripala Sirisena and others failed to prevent the attack. The same decision has been given regarding the head of the National Intelligence Division, the head of the State Intelligence Division, the Defense Secretary and the Inspector General of Police.
Both the group accused of carrying out this attack for a political purpose and the group including Maithripala Sirisena, who said they did not act to prevent the attack, are together in the government. Due to this, a proper investigation will not be conducted. If there is politics that goes beyond a mere act of terrorism, such an attack can happen again in our country at any time.
Therefore, if the security of the country is to be properly ensured, the Easter attack should be properly investigated and those responsible punished. It would happen only by a government by the National People’s Power. Now the ruling clique is trying their best to raise racism in a new round. It is said that a complaint was made to the Judicial Service Commission saying that the judge of the Mullaitivu Magistrate’s Court received death threats regarding the verdict related to the Kurundi temple case. If this is true, where does the country move to? If magistrates, who give judgments they disagree, receive death threats, a transparent investigation should be conducted to reveal the truth. After the end of the war you expected national unity, but the rulers never wanted that. They are trying to bring the same thing again and again by making the maintenance of divisions their only political project.
The people are not the same today. Wherever we go, thousands of retired military personnel gather around us. The people expect a new politics. We assure you that the trust you all have placed in us will not be allowed to break down. The strength of a country depends on the strength of its economy. The expectation of the National People’s Power is to build a rich country and create a rich people. National People’s Power has prepared a correct scientific programme for it. But the Ranil Wickramasinghe administration, together with the IMF, has prepared plans to sell all the mineral resources of this country in the third week of next month,. Plans for transfer of livestock and plantation companies of our country to India have been prepared. They are preparing to bring back the Water Management Act. If it is adopted, a meter will be fixed to monitor the water received in the farmland. Adani has already been awarded 500 MW of the 4000 MW wind power generation capacity in the Mannar basin.
Adani provides a unit of wind power to India for 3.5 cents. But it is given to Sri Lanka at 07 cents per dollar. Are the winds in Sri Lanka different from the winds in India? For many generations we will have to get electricity from Adani company at these high prices. In addition, he is given 650 acres to produce electricity from our sunlight and sell that electricity to us for dollars.
Today Pooneryn area has been lost to the people of the north as well as the people of the south and given to Adani. It is the same with Mannar and Sampur area of ​​Trincomalee. Ranil Wickramasinghe is following an economic system that destroys the economy and sells the country’s resources, land, etc. Should Ranil Wickramasinghe be allowed to continue on the destructive evil path of shrinking the economy, destroying industries, let people lose their jobs and selling everything to preserve his power?
The National People’s Power will launch a new war of independence to fight and defeat this and establish a people’s government. Bills are being brought to suppress social media, which is doing a big part to defeat the villains. This effort of the rulers to prevent new information, truth, from traveling to the society must be definitely defeated. We are taking all possible measures for that. If it is adopted, we will all post one post at the same time and fight for democracy and freedom of citizens against oppression.
The National People’s Power is prepared to new style of fighting in this way. Ranil’s bills are trying to appoint a five-member commission to suppress the society that does not obey the control of social media. Right now, Ranil Wickramasinghe is making statements saying that he is going to address world summits and say, “The world is in danger”, while the home is in trouble. There are no jobs for the youth of the country. No medicine for patients. In such a situation, even if the world is told that everything is alright, the country is in a very bad position due to the moves of very evil leaders. We need to liberate this country and build a new administration. For that, let’s unite the retired collective of the armed forces and launch the second operation and act with determination to save the motherland.”

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