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The Norwegian Embassy in Colombo shut down


It is reported that the Norwegian Embassy in Colombo has been closed. This has happened according to a decision of the Norwegian government.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway has decided to close the embassies of Sri Lanka, Slovakia, Kosovo, Madagascar and the Houston Consulate General of the United States of America, and the Foreign Affairs Minister said that diplomatic relations with the respective countries will be continued through Norwegian ambassadors located in nearby countries.

During the war, the Norwegian Embassy in Colombo was a very busy place, and since Norway acted as a mediator in the peace process in this country, it had also arranged to appoint ambassadors with experience in diplomatic relations as ambassadors in this country.

With the end of the war, the role of the Norwegian embassy was significantly reduced and that may have been the reason for the closure of the embassy.

Due to the economic crisis that Sri Lanka is facing, it was decided to close the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Oslo, Norway last April. Although it has been announced that the ambassador will be temporarily withdrawn, a date for re-establishing the office has not been announced so far.


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