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The smuggling of inferior crude oil resumes!


Lanka News Web has previously revealed through several news articles about smuggling of importing inferior crude oil unsuitable for Sapugaskanda Oil Refinery.

In Sri Lanka, petrol with an octane value of 90 is generally used, but when this crude oil is refined, petrol with an octane value of less than 82 is obtained. It was also reported that the crude oil obtained from refining the crude oil is of inferior quality which cannot be used for the Kelanitissa power plant.

Oil company sources said that the smuggling of such inferior crude oil is now operating again.

Accordingly, sources said that a ship carrying such inferior crude oil from Russia is arriving in Sri Lanka. It is said that the ship is currently near the Straits of Malacca.

This inferior crude oil smuggling is operated by one of the most powerful political families in the country and millions of US dollars are being exploited through it.

Due to lack of crude oil, the Sapugaskanda oil refinery has stopped and it is going to be activated again using cheap crude oil as before.


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