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The Tale of Two Nande’s..


The Two Nande’s will bury Sri Lanka soon.

The big Nande President Gotabaya destroyed a healthy country and economy that was doing reasonably ok despite the pandemic by refusing to go to the IMF for emergency financial assistance , Get assistance from the G20, killed the agriculture industry and finished the reserves by defending the LKR. However he refuses to step-down. Though every other Rajapakse has gone home. The unscrupulous people made use of it and according to market sources converted their LKR and made super profits when LkR was devalued some months later. His business cronies made huge money and now stay out of the radar.

Then another Nande came in the form of a Governor of the CBSL and defaulted on the loans without consulting the creditors or parliament. Sri Lanka now is next to Sudan and Venezuela . He doubled interest rates and destroyed the small businesses for ever. He has no clue how the tourism industry works. He wants them to shut down or start again. This is the only industry that will help the country to recover. He has shut down the open account. Refusing to gazette the 10 essential items in the open account. He does not care about a food shortages. He refuses to allow fuel imports on the open account to ease the oil crisis. When the public finally realizes the damage Nande’s causing to the ordinary people and the country. Whilst it will be too late for the country. He will either have to run away back to his home country in Australia or face the same fate Mahinda Rajapakse faced on the 9 th of May.

The Governor’s actions are causing serious consequences for the public and
the government. He just does not have the practical experience or knowledge to lead the economy during crisis times. President Gotabaya again shows no concern for the public as demonstrated throughout his tenure, by allowing Nande to run a-mock without taking any action.



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