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This parliament has shown a distorted reflection of the will of the people – Anura Dissanayake


NPP Member of Parliament Anura Dissanayake states that the current parliament has shown a distorted reflection of the will of the people. He said this while addressing Parliament yesterday (20th) after the voting for the election of the successor President.
He further said, “First of all, I congratulate the newly elected president. May his duties be performed properly for the sake of the country and the people of the country. A strong opposing political camp has been created in the parliament. The election result shows a determination and desire to intervene with that camp to change the ideology from the action. We are ready to accept that challenge.
These candidates are a wonderful combination. The leader of ‘Sajabe’ proposes the Treasurer of ‘Pohottuwa’. Because it was seconded by Mr GL Peiris, it is called the team of the president of Pohottuwa. The leader of the United National Party is proposed by Mr Dinesh Gunawardena, who is Ranil Wickramasinghe’s school friend and comes from an old left-wing family. It’s like the ‘Pohottuwa’ secretary’s team as he seconded the proposal. We also know that the secretary is haunted by some ghost. That is politics.
There was a vote between those two camps. I competed by focusing on our unique policies. I do not consider this to be an unexpected result that surprises me at all. This is the nature of the composition of the Parliament of our country today. What really exists in the country today is not the composition shown in these numbers. If anyone thinks that a reflection of the fair will of the people has appeared in this Parliament, it is a complete myth. This parliament has shown a reflection of the distortion of the people’s will. A great contradiction has been created between the people outside and those in this chamber. A great contradiction has been created between the people outside and this council. But I do not expect anything more from this Parliament.
As soon as this situation arose, we met all the political groups. It was suggested that we choose two people who are not involved in the upcoming political power project for the post of President and Prime Minister. Sometimes the name of the Speaker was also suggested. For the post of Prime Minister, the name of MP Sumandiran was suggested. In this kind of crisis, it could have been made into a great example for our country. As a sign of respect, in the discussion with the Honorable Rauf Hakeem, it was suggested that these two positions be given to two women representing this Parliament. Except in a crisis like this, it is not possible to create such an exemplary and responsible opportunity in the general election. If one position can be given to a councillor, who has no future political aim and represents the politics of the north, this assembly would be respected by most. We could build respect and trust in our country. If it was possible to appoint two women for these two positions as suggested by MP Rauf Hakeem, we are fully in favour of it. What an example will it become for this country? We declared that we are ready to accept ministerial posts and responsibilities in such a government that is not related to any future power project.
Also, there was a condition that the interim administration should be valid only for a short period of time. Why did we make such a proposal? What is the country today? The country has faced a big disaster. People die in queues. There is a crisis of lack of milk powder for children. The farmers are looking at the field and lamenting. Fishermen live anxiously watching the sea without being able to get their boats to the sea. The young generation is frustrated about the future. Parents are worried about what will happen to their children’s education. In such a situation, if the two top positions have no future power project, a great opportunity would be created for the Parliament to rule the country for a short time through a joint cabinet.
There were two things in our proposal. If that proposal becomes a reality, we were of the position that the cabinet should be limited to ten ministerial posts. Honourable Member Sumandhiran had prepared those ten ministerial posts. Also, there was a suggestion that time should be limited. That proposal with these basic points was defeated. After those motions were defeated, the attempt to get great results, great examples and great interventions in the face of this situation from this parliament failed. After that I presented myself as a candidate based on our policy, identity and our programme. I knew that this result would be this. It is not a surprising result at all. Many controversial events have taken place in this chamber. The Tamil National Alliance also announced its support to Hon’ble Member of Parliament Dallas Alahapperuma. And he declared that there were ten parties in that group. It was stated that another independent group was supporting him. It was announced that the Sri Lanka Freedom Party is also with Mr Alahapperuma. ‘Sajabaya’ also announced it support. Looking at it, I think that the number of in the groups could exceed 113. But do those members and groups abide by that decision? Are those decisions not based only on policy matters? I believe that those decisions are not based only on policy matters. At the most critical moments in the history of this parliament, during the 18th amendment, during the 52-day coup, when the 20th amendment was adopted, there is a history of MPs getting sold from one side to the other. Members of Parliament are getting sold like teak trees in villages. I think this is what has happened today. Someone can say no. I accept that too. (Interruptions) This is my opinion. I know you are getting upset. If this fact is not said here, where is it said? There is no point in going to the village and saying it at the crossroads. This should be announced in front of these people. This is a parliament which has a history of such indecency. This parliament is full of such indecent people. I do not believe that the reflection of that vulgarity did not happen in this election. I mark that because I accept it as a fact that should be included in history. Anyone can reject my idea. But I do not reject it at all. This parliament is no longer a fair reflection of the people’s will. There is a distorted reflection of the people’s will. Therefore, I do not believe that any type of government formed in this parliament will have the integrity to rule the country for a long time. We believe a new mandate should be given a chance very soon.”


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