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Trishaws call for larger fuel quota


A group of trishaw drivers has held a protest march in Piliyandala calling for a larger weekly fuel quota.

Marching from the Bokundara junction to Piliyandala town, they have stated that the weekly quota of 5 litres is not at all sufficient to continue their profession.

They have called on authorities to increase the quota to 30 litres.

Speaking, Chairman of the Three Wheelers' Association - Mr. Devananda Suraweera has said that trishaw drivers contributed much to the country's development cycle and that they too would like to charge Rs. 100 for the first kilometre and Rs. 90 for the 2nd kilometre.

"However, we require 30 litres per week and we will not stop this protest we started from Piliyandala today until it is spread islandwide and this government steps down," he added.

Meanwhile, lengthening fuel queues are seen again in Colombo and its suburbs and the joint secretary of the Sri Lanka Petroleum Private Tanker Owners’ Association - D.V, Shantha Silva says that neither Petrol nor Diesel stocks have been received.

It is also reported that SLTB depots have also not received Diesel stocks in two days.


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