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UDA unveils One-Stop-Shop unit to promote rapid approval for development


In a breakthrough step forward, the Urban Development Authority (UDA) has launched a One-Stop-Shop (OSS) to lure new investments by fast-tracking approval for development applications.

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena marked the launch of the facility along with Urban Development and Housing Minister Prasanna Ranatunga and UDA Chairman Nimesh Herath ceremoniously on Thursday at Waters Edge.

The OSS will facilitate entrepreneurs who have submitted all necessary documents to obtain approval for development permits in a fast-tracked manner of 21 days removing all unnecessary red tape which hindered growth.

The system will also forward the applications for the approval of other relevant institutions necessary for the development permits. OSS comprises 26 institutions at present and a Scope Committee has been established to represent and monitor all institutions on board. The Scope Committee will give the final approval for the development permits.

Speaking at the event Premier Gunawardena said the OSS will be a game-changer for the economic development of Sri Lanka.

“It is a milestone for the UDA as a public sector institution, to get all the information and approval from one place. This new unit is a great opportunity to explore technological advancements and contribute to the making economy.

This process will be a unique record of the UDA and urban development. It will become a breakthrough in Sri Lanka’s development,” he added.

Prime Minister also highlighted that it was necessary to speed up the implementation of projects to ensure the attractiveness of the destination.

“All the local Government institutions and departments should join hands in the program to achieve these goals without delay. It is a necessary practice of efficient public service to fulfil the responsibility of the overall State sector institutions and to actively contribute to overcoming the economic crisis,” he explained.

Noting that regional countries work efficiently by capitalizing on information technology, Premier Gunawardena insisted on adopting technology to all public institutions to improve productivity and delivery.

“The UDA is entrusted to effectively attract investment opportunities to the country nationally and internationally, ” Prime Minister Gunawardena said.

Urban Development and Housing Minister Prasanna Ranatunga pointed out that investments will only flow into countries that have simplified approval processes and business-friendly policies.

“The primary objective of introducing the OSS is to attract more investment by reducing the time for the approval process to issue development permits.

It will also reduce fraud and corruption by enhancing transparency in the whole process. The system will provide a facility for high-ranking officials to monitor it anytime,” he explained.

Minister Ranatunga also said laws should be amended to take action against the bureaucracy if they fail to give approval within 21 days of submission of the development application.


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