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UN assures fullest cooperation for Sri Lanka development


By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): Newly appointed United Nations Resident Representative Marc-Andre’ Franche expressed appreciation over Sri Lanka’s economic recovery from an unprecedented crisis last two years and assured continuous support for the development process, Prime Minister’s Media Division divulged.

He said this when he called on Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena at the Temple Trees yesterday.

He noted that Sri Lanka is heading back in the right direction, but cautioned that the next couple of years will be very difficult for not only Sri Lanka but most of the countries due to the global economic downturn.

The Prime Minister said several steps have been taken to increase food production and ensure food security. “We also plan to diversify exports as in the long run we have to, not only be self-sufficient in food, but also increase foreign exchange earnings through exports,” he said.

The Prime Minister also briefed the UN representative about the steps taken for solving the grievances of the people who suffered due to 3 decades of conflict.

He pointed out that over 95% of the lands in North and East taken over during the conflict has been returned to the owners, land mines were removed so that the farmers could cultivate their lands, LTTE detainees have been released and fisheries livelihoods have returned to normalcy.

UN Representative Franche thanked Sri Lanka for the valuable services rendered by Sri Lankans who served in the UN system over the decades.

 He acknowledged that the Office of Missing Persons and other institutions have made remarkable progress in their work and requested steps to speed up the remaining work.

Prime Minister Gunawardena thanked the United Nations for the support given to Sri Lanka and expressed confidence that the Resident Representative would take it to a higher level.

UN Representative commended the progress made by Sri Lanka in achieving the country’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), recognising the efforts undertaken to address pressing social and environmental challenges, the PMD statement said.

Sri Lanka PM had updated the UN chief on the progress made in Sri Lanka’s economic recovery and debt restructuring efforts. He had also presented the Sri Lankan government’s “ambitious climate prosperity plan”.

He outlined significant strides achieved in the process of economic recovery and the ongoing initiatives to restructure the country’s debt”, the PM’s MD statement said.

It added that the Premier had also highlighted Sri Lanka’s commitment to implementing sustainable economic policies and fostering a resilient financial framework to ensure long-term stability.

In terms of climate prosperity, the government has implemented comprehensive strategies aimed at mitigating the adverse impacts of climate change while promoting sustainable development.

The plan emphasises the importance of renewable energy, conservation efforts, and climate-resilient infrastructure, it said.


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