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Underwater Explosion Suspected in Mass Sea Turtle Deaths on Sri Lankan Beaches


The Department of Wildlife Conservation has indicated that the sea turtles that recently washed ashore on various beaches in Sri Lanka may have died as a result of an underwater explosion. This unsettling discovery has prompted concern and investigation into the mysterious mass deaths of these marine creatures.

Reports reveal that a total of 25 turtle carcasses and 2 live turtles were discovered along the coastline spanning from Ja-Ela to Panadura. The sea turtles exhibited severe fractures on their shells, further raising questions about the circumstances leading to their deaths.

While some of the turtle deaths were attributed to traumatic brain injuries, the suspicion of an underwater explosion has led to a joint investigation by four institutions. The Wildlife Conservation Department is working in tandem with these organizations to establish the exact cause of the deaths and ascertain whether the suspected explosion was linked to illicit fishing activities involving explosives.

The investigation aims to produce conclusive evidence that will be presented in court. The findings are expected to shed light on this alarming incident, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the situation and its implications for marine life and ecosystem health. The results of the joint investigation are expected to be available in the coming days.


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