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UNGA Schedule Lists Sri Lanka Head of State But Low Rep From China Which Owns Guterres



By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Maxwell Book
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UN GATE / SDNY, July 18 – As the UN become ever more irrelevant and corrupt under SG Antonio Guterres, on July 18 with Big Tony out of town on vacation, location UNdisclosed, a hard copy of the schedule for September's UN General Assembly week was put it. 

   Inner City Press, banned from entering the UN by Guterres and his head of censorship Melissa Fleming, published the schedule here.

In it right after Brazil - which already said its president will probably not come - and Biden, there is Turkmenistan.  

  On Day 2, September 21, after Nigerian strong-man Buhari and Iran, there is 84 year old Cameroon president Paul Biya.

   The actual owner of the UN through Guterres, China, is only sending a deputy prime minister. The UAE, illegal lobbying in the US through Tom Barrack and now other, has only a minister. But Sri Lanka lists a head of state, even if no one knows who it will be.

It's the corrupt UN circus of ringmaster Big Tony Guterres, and Inner City Press will cover it when inside or out, the polite letter of pro bono law firm Quinn Emanuel still unresponded to by Fleming and the UN Censorship Alliance. Bring it on! 


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