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University of Portsmouth is a scam cartel



Our continuous investigation into the case of UK-based University of Portsmouth has succeeded in digging into the matter further and found that the university itself is a scam cartel, which is helping notorious criminal including Interpol-wanted terror-funder in fooling people with the false claim of obtaining ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ degree.

According to our findings, Interpol-wanted convicted terror-funder Shahid Uddin Khan, who had sent fund to jihadists in Sri Lanka days before 2019 Easter Sunday jihadist attacks in Sri Lanka that had killed 267 people including 45 foreign nationals, has been lately boasting of being awarded Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) for from the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom.

According to documents available with this newspaper, Shahid Uddin Khan hails from a radical Muslim family while his wife Farjana Anjum too hails from a similar family background. This couple’s daughters though are living and being educated in Britain are notoriously radicalized and are working as lone wolves. They have been targeting various individuals through honeytrap and trying to convert them into Islam.

In January 2019, Shahid Uddin Khan used illegal channel in transferring an amount equivalent to ninety-two thousand dollars to jihadist attackers in Sri Lanka. This amount went from Dubai to Colombo. It may be mentioned here that, in 2018 this newspaper published several reports exposing a secret conspiracy by a conglomerate of several jihadist outfits of staging terrorist attacks in a number of South Asian nations.


At least ten days before the Easter Sunday attacks, a Middle East based intelligence agency gave security officials a detailed warning of a possible threat to churches by the National Thowheeth Jama’ath. Similar alerts were also echoed by a Western intelligence agency. But the matter was not conveyed even to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremersinghe. Later authorities started investigation into the reason behind such dubious behavior of Sri Lankan intelligence agencies.

Following Shahid Uddin Khan’s claim on social media stating he has been awarded Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) for from the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom, editor of this newspaper contacted with the authorities of the university as well our reporter physically met respective officials of the University of Portsmouth in Britain. When they were shown the image of a certificate (certificate number 00058408) Shahid Uddin Khan has been exhibiting claiming it to be the PhD certificate issued by the university, the authorities expressed shock and surprise as it does not even have heard the name of this person.


Meanwhile, Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa, editor of the Eastern Herald is also investigating the matter. On response to our question about the status of Shahid Uddin Khan’s claim of PhD degree, Bajwa said:

After detailed research and investigation into the matter by couple of strategic people in the UK administration, we did not find any existence of Shahid Uddin Khan’s claimed thesis titled ‘Military intervention and its impacts on the democratic process of Bangladesh; on University of Portsmouth alumni network. Here is the link: https://www.port.ac.uk/about-us/alumni.


The font used in the so-called certificate of Shahid Uddin Khan to write the degree number is different than genuine certificates issued by the university.

In the following link, all the theses are mentioned and published. In 2022 they’ve published 17 papers.


We found no thesis on the military during 2022. Although we found 3 theses in 2021, there is nothing written by anyone named Shahid Uddin Khan or Md. Shahid Uddin Khan.


Here is the link:


We’ve contacted the university and they could  not provide any details about any Ph.D student named Shahid Uddin Khan.

Every university’s scholars including the University of Portsmouth have a Google Scholar profile but only Shahid Uddin Khan doesn’t have any Google Scholar profile.

The logo of the university in new degrees after 2020 has a 3D effect but Shahid Uddin Khan’s degree is using the 2016 version of the university’s logo.


I’ve discussed this paper with an expert and he, in his preliminary analysis, found this document to be fake or forged.

After a deep analysis, I conclude that this degree of Shahid Uddin Khan is forged and has no university record.


What does that mean?

Interpol-wanted Shahid Uddin Khan is not only a convicted criminal and terror-funder, he also is a forger of educational certificate of a British university. Such actions are tantamount to serious offense. Shall the UK law enforcement agencies now take legal steps against this dangerous man?

A fraudulent bid of the University of Portsmouth

On July 21, 2022, while the University of Portsmouth posted a video showing Shahid Uddin Khan being introduced as a PhD student, none of the people shown in the video were handed-over any certificate, while the entire episode seemed to be a similar to that of ramp model catwalk show. On seeing this video as our reporters once again searched the entire website of the University of Portsmouth, they neither find any existence of anyone named Shahid Uddin Khan as its student nor there is any mention of the so-called PhD thesis of him. Our reporters have also searched the website of Tamsin Bradley, the professor of the university who is claimed by Shahid Uddin Khan as the “supervisor” of his thesis; and there is nothing at all.


Meaning the entire matter is an orchestrated act of scam by those members of the University of Portsmouth and Tamsin Bradley.


Our newspaper sent several emails to Tamsin Bradley and the university as well called their phone number. Neither they answered to our emails nor had attended the calls. With such dubious behavior of the University of Portsmouth and Tamsin Bradley, we are sure that this university itself is a scam cartel.

Authorities in the United Kingdom need to initiate immediate investigation into this matter.

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