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US’ PVH Corp marks 60% renewable power use

For the first time, American fashion firm PVH Corp conducted a climate risk scenario analysis and enhanced carbon accounting capabilities, as per its 2022 Corporate Responsibility report. It derived 60 per cent of the power for owned-and-operated facilities from the use and support of renewable energy. The company partnered with suppliers to set their own greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets and develop action plans to achieve those targets. PVH’s long-term Forward Fashion corporate responsibility strategy plays an increasingly important role as part of its PVH+ Plan and the vision to build Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger into the most desirable lifestyle brands in the world and make PVH one of the highest performing brand groups in the apparel sector, PVH said in a press release. PVH also launched its first sustainable supply chain financing programme that provides suppliers with better financing rates based on their sustainability performance. The PVH Foundation announced a $10 million commitment to the Apparel Impact Institute’s Fashion Climate Fund to enable suppliers’ transition to renewable electricity, improve energy efficiency, eliminate coal in manufacturing, and scale sustainable materials. The Pakistan Accord was signed, which will extend legally binding agreements between fashion brands and global trade unions to improve workplace safety in the fashion industry. A five-year, $5 million partnership in Bangladesh was also launched to provide professional and life skills development programmes to 100,000 women, complementing the work in Tunisia, Vietnam, India, and Sri Lanka. PVH’s first ever global mentorship programme was piloted for women, racially and ethnically diverse associates, and other underrepresented groups to increase retention and development. Moreover, all people managers were required to include an inclusion and diversity (I&D) leadership goal as part of their performance and development process to create a more inclusive culture. The PVH Foundation funded programmes totalling $1.37 million to address lack of awareness, and access to fashion industry opportunities for underrepresented communities. “We’re encouraged by the progress we’ve made in 2022 to accelerate climate action, advance human rights, and champion inclusion and diversity. While we’re proud of the impact we’ve made so far, we are focused on the hard work ahead to deliver on our long-term Forward Fashion strategy,” said Rick Relinger, chief sustainability officer, PVH Corp.  

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