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White Cane Day flag pinned on President’s Secretary


Celebrating White Cane Day, in recognition of the achievements of the visually impaired and highlighting their important tool of independence, the White Cane, the International White Cane Day flag was pinned on the President's Secretary Mr. Saman Ekanayake this morning (17) at the Presidential Secretariat.

Marking this event, 300 white canes, sponsored by the Presidential Secretariat, were donated to the Visually Impaired Association by the President's Secretary as a gesture of goodwill.

The President's Secretary Mr. Saman Ekanayake assured the fullest support of the President's Office to address the issues faced by visually impaired persons.

The Secretary of the Visually Impaired Association, Mr. Prasanna Wickramasinghe, said that this association has been formed to cover every province of the island and the Disabled Women's Association is functioning as one of its branches for the welfare of visually impaired women and a disabled youth association is also functioning to solve the problems of disabled youth.

Sri Lanka National Visually Impaired Association President Mr. Kamalsiri Nanayakkara and a group of officials representing the association participated.


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