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Why should Nandalal & Siriwardana be paid over 2.5 Million a month?


In a bankrupt country like Sri Lanka why should the top two officials in the Central Bank and the Treasury be paid over Rs 2.5 Million a month. The man who justified the default as a soft default and ruined a nations credibility – Nandalal is paid according to activist Ravi Kumudesh Rs 2.5 Million a month , a pension and in addition gets one million from the IMF.

Where is the governance? Mahinda Siriwardana – The Secretary of the Ministry of Finance where even Dhammika Perera expressed utter disgust for delays, is paid Rs 2.5 Million a month with allowances.

The Governor also gets Rs 2 Million for a suit allowance annually and a house, medical and Benz Car. These officials are paid more than even the private sector Bosses.

But there contribution other than a few SJB MPs who know more economics than John Maynard Keynes, the English economist whose ideas fundamentally changed the theory and practice of macroeconomics and the economic policies of governments, have been disastrous from all fronts.

What is parliament (unfortunately majority has no O/Ls) doing to stop this excesses. The country cannot afford to pay incompetent officials like these two officials so much money when the majority can’t even get one meal day. The President must wake up before it is too late for the people. Today Sri Lanka’s credit ratings are in tatters because of the action of these officials. But they are the darlings of the opposition.

What is the Aragalaya doing with this abuse? Stop this abuse of power now.


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