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Woman arrested for abandoning two-year-old child!


A woman who befriended a man returning to Sri Lanka from Saudi Arabia on the plane and then left her two-year-old child with the man in Kalutara, was arrested by the Kalutara Police last morning (29).

The suspect, who is a resident of Udugama in Galle, was arrested by a police team consisting of officials from the Child and Women Bureau of the Kalutara Police.

The woman is a 37-year-old mother of three. Investigations revealed that her husband was suffering from an illness and therefore, she has left for Saudi Arabia to work.

The woman has told the police officers who went to arrest her that she did not think they would be able to find her.

She has been working in Saudi Arabia for three years where she became pregnant.

She has tried to leave the child in Saudi Arabia and when that failed, has brought the child into the country.

She had initially planned to leave the child on the roadside but after befriending the man who is from Kalutara, she changed her plan. She handed over the child to him before running away.


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