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Yuan Wang 5 : India's pressure on SL, 'unreasonable'  – China


India's pressure on Sri Lanka to defer the arrival of a Chinese research vessel at a Sri Lankan port, citing so-called national security concerns, is unreasonable, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson - Mr. Wang Wenbin has said.

Speaking at a regular press conference in Beijing on Monday (08), Mr. Wang has said that Sri Lanka is a sovereign country and has the right to develop relations with other countries based on its own development interests; normal cooperation between China and Sri Lanka is the independent choice of the two countries and serves the common interests of both sides.

"The cooperation aims at no third party, and it's also unreasonable to pressure the Sri Lankan side over so-called national security concerns," Wang said.

Wang described India's pressure on the island country as a brutal interference in Sri Lanka's private and normal foreign exchanges and cooperation, when it's facing severe economic and political difficulties. "It's a typical case of 'taking advantage of others' dangers', which goes against the basic norms of international relations."

"We urged relevant parties to view China's marine scientific research activities rationally and stop interfering with normal exchanges and cooperation between China and Sri Lanka," the official warned.

Yesterday it was reported that Sri Lanka had asked China to defer the planned visit of a Chinese research and survey vessel, the Yuan Wang 5, which was to dock at the Hambantota port, after an objection from India.

(Excerpts : globaltimes.cn)

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