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Applications Open for “Wasath Siriya- 2024” New Year Festival Competitions


The “Wasath Siriya 2023” celebration for the Sinhala and Tamil New Year will take place on Saturday, 27th April, 2024 at Shangri-La Green, Galle Face, Colombo. This event is being organized by the Welfare Society of the Presidential Secretariat along with other ministries and it will be held from 7.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. with number of New Year games and competitions.

The festivities will continue with the “Wasath Siriya- Miazi musical concert”, which will commence at 7:00 pm at the venue with the participation of famous singers.

The competitions have been divided into three sections, namely State Section, Open Section, and Guest Section, and feature a total of 11 competitions for both men and women. These competitions are open to the staff members of ministries and government institutions, their family members, friends, and children.

Additionally, there will be an inclusive segment open to all Sri Lankans, featuring 16 competitive activities. These include the “Pura Sariya” Standard Bike Race, Marathon Race, Sliding Tree, Tug of War, Wrestling, Candle Lighting, Balloon Burst, Elephant Eyeing, Toffee Pulling, Best Smile, and New Year Prince and Princess contests, catering to participants of all ages and interests.

Also, there is a guest section for foreigners, embassies, foreign institutions, and nearby hotels, consisting of 10 events that can be enjoyed by foreign tourists. These include Elephant Eyeing, Wasana Muttiya Bindeema, needle threading, Sagayata kiri kaweema, balloon bursting, lime on the spoon race, musical chairs and musical hats competitions, bun eating contest, and drinking milk with a soothe.

Registration is now open for the “Wasath Siriya 2024” New Year Prince and Princess, Marathon Race, Standard Cycle Ride, and Tug of War. Applications can be accessed by visiting the website www.pmd.gov.lk.

For the “Wasath Siriya” New Year Prince/Princess (Open) competition, applicants must submit a recent colour photograph taken within the last three months. All applicants must be unmarried individuals aged between 18 and 30 years. Completed applications should be submitted via WhatsApp at 077-1557146 before 3.00 p.m. on 20th April 2024.

The organizing committee holds the final decision regarding the competition conditions. For further information, please contact the Coordinator Mrs. Krisanthi Witharana via 0718412300.

Athletes aged above 16 years qualify for participation in the “Wasath Siriya” marathon race. To apply, please access the application form via the website www.pmd.gov.lk. Following this, ensure a government registered doctor confirms your fitness to compete. Address the envelope to “Sri Lanka Army Sports Medicine Division, Army Sports Development Village, Army Colony, Panagoda, Homagama,” with the words “Wasat Siriya Open Marathon 2024” on the top left corner of the envelop.

Alternatively, you can submit a clear photo of the completed application to the Security Division of the Presidential Secretariat or send it via WhatsApp to the number 0710573828.

The applications submitted after 10. 00 a.m. 26th April, 2024 will not be considered.

The “Wasath Siriya” Standard Bike Race (Men/Women) welcomes participants from across the country. This event is co-organized by the Sri Lanka Air Force and the Sri Lanka Cycling Federation.

Male and female cyclists from Sri Lanka born between 1974 and earlier and between 2005 and earlier are eligible to join the event. The organizing committee specifies that standard bicycles equipped with front and rear gears of 48 and 18, along with handlebar rest bar/hack bar, are not permitted for competition.

Participants interested in joining must complete the designated application form and obtain certification from a government-registered doctor confirming their fitness to compete. The completed form should be submitted to the Organizing Committee at the address “Wasath Siriya 2024 Bike Race, Sri Lanka Air Force Base, Colombo.”

Alternatively, applications can be handed in at the main security office of the Sri Lanka Air Force Base, Colombo, or scanned and sent via WhatsApp to the number 070-3166384. Applications received after 12.00 noon on 25th April 2024, will be disqualified. Applicants will receive notification of acceptance or rejection via WhatsApp. There is no fee for application and registration.

The organizing committee requires the list of all male and female teams participating in the “Wasath Siriya” tug-of-war competition to be submitted three days prior to the event.

Each team consists of 8 players, with an option for two additional players, bringing the total number of players per team to 10.

The event also showcases a recreated model of a village house, which portrays the relationship between the village and the village house during the bygone era.

Moreover, the “Wasath Siriya 2024” New Year celebration will be adorned with numerous facets showcasing Sri Lankan culture and rich heritage to the global audience. This initiative is aimed at bolstering the country’s tourism industry, highlighting Sri Lanka’s resilient journey forward after enduring challenging times.

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