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Bandaranaike quay transforms to a passenger terminal for cruise ships.


By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): With Sri Lanka attracting a greater proportion of high-end cruise travellers this year, it is anticipated that cruise calls next year would exceed the record-setting year of 2018.

Government is set to convert Bandaranaike quay into a passenger terminal to facilitate cruise ships.

“Analyzing data so far, there is a high probability that leisure cruise calls to the country will surpass the 65 cruise calls made in 2018, as over 55 cruises have called in the country this year ,” Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB) official said.

Noting that leisure cruise tourism offers several benefits to destinations, local economies, and travellers, he said it was a sector which was not tapped aggressively earlier due to insufficient connectivity and terminal facilities.

He also noted the economic impact of leisure crude tourism is massive with higher passenger numbers and value generation. “Leisure cruise passengers contribute to the local economy by spending money on various goods and services such as accommodations, dining, shopping, excursions, and transportation.

This spending supports local businesses, generates employment opportunities, and stimulates economic growth in those areas,” he added.

Sri Lanka will see the arrival of around 35 luxury passenger cruise ships next year, according to the Navigation Division of Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA).

To facilitate the increased number of cruise ships, the Minister of Ports, Shipping and Aviation Nimal Siripala de Silva has instructed to convert the Bandaranaike quay at the Colombo port to a passenger terminal and to relocate the warehouses at the location elsewhere.

With this development, even if three large ships 350 metres in length arrive at the same time, the Colombo port will be able to provide the necessary facilities for those operations and tourists.

SLPA has started an immediate programme to provide the necessary facilities to tourists in and near the existing passenger terminal, to run restaurants and merchandise shops, until the development work of the Bandaranaike dock is done.

Minister de Silva went on an observation tour yesterday to find out about the current situation of the existing passenger terminal and Bandaranaike quay.

“A large number of ships are to arrive at the port of Colombo during the upcoming tourism season, and the Sri Lankan government is committed to providing facilities for the operations of those ships and the tourists coming from them,” Minister de Silva said.

“Therefore, the Sri Lanka Ports Authority should take measures to provide those facilities by utilizing the existing space as much as possible,” he added.

He instructed officials to secure the necessary funds for the development work from the SLPA and also to seek investor support.

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