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Chamber of Marine Industries to propel the Recreational Boating industry


By: Staff Writer

April 08, Colombo (LNW): Chamber of Marine Industries is planning a new course in the nation’s maritime journey, uniting industry leaders, experts, and visionaries

This objective of the chamber was transpired at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in which Indhra Kaushal Rajapaksa, a seasoned industry stalwart, assumed the mantle of Chairman for the term 2024-2025.

In the New Year, the Chamber aims to propel the Recreational Boating industry forward by promoting boating as a lifestyle.

This shift in perspective will invigorate the sector and engage enthusiasts. Improvement and sharing facilities of Fisheries Harbours for Tourism: Collaborating with the Ceylon Fishery Harbour Corporation, the Chamber plans to improve and share facilities of Fisheries Harbors for Tourism.

This improvement not only enhances tourism but also contributes significantly to the country’s USD income. Uplifting Communities: Water-based activities lie at the heart of the Chamber’s vision.

Initiatives like the Mirissa Mini Marina and the Port City mini marina (operated by Solar Impulse Ltd). Efforts continue to enhance fishery harbors for tourism until full-fledged marinas emerge, uplifting coastal communities. Sri Lanka:

A Premier Marine Tourism Destination: Facilitating easy entry and exit for tourists, the Chamber positions Sri Lanka as a premier marine tourism hub.

The island’s pristine waters and vibrant culture beckon travelers seeking nautical adventures. 700+ Yachts/Boats by 2034:

Ambitious plans are underway to manufacture and utilise over 700 yachts and boats within the next decade. Local boat manufacturers play a pivotal role in this endeavor, as Sri Lanka aims to become a hub for marine craftsmanship and innovation.

Promoting Offshore and Marine services: Sri Lanka with its strategic location is a natural attraction to the Marine & Offshore services market.

Blessed with the world’s 2nd largest natural deepwater port, ‘Trincomalee’ and man-built deepwater port ‘Hambantota International Port’ in the southern tip of Sri Lanka, this segment is targeted for development. Initiatives to be taken to protect and mitigate Ocean pollution.

With clear focus and coordinated efforts, the Chamber will implement initiatives contributing significantly to safeguard Sri Lanka’s oceans and marine ecosystems.

Brand Building and Value Creation – a range of activities are planned ranging from organizing boat shows and industry-specific conferences to showcase Sri Lanka’s boat-building capabilities and leveraging Sri Lanka’s strategic location, natural harbors, and cost advantages.

The prime focus will be to position Sri Lanka as a preferred destination for boat manufacturing and related services and promote the country’s boat-building heritage with its potential for growth in the leisure and commercial sectors.

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