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China to build five housing schemes for SL journalists, artistes and the needy


By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): A massive five housing schemes with 1,996 housing units will be built in Colombo and suburbs with Chinese assistance for veteran journalists, versatile artistes and low income families.

These 1,996 housing units are scheduled to be built over a three-year period, with the Chinese Government giving major financial support of 552 million Yuan (about Rs. 24.48 billion) for this project.

A dispute between the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) and the Urban Development Authority (UDA) over land has delayed the China-funded housing scheme for low-income city dwellers

Housing and Construction Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said both institutions should reach an understanding regarding the land in the Dematagoda area for the project to be implemented.

The UDA took over these two plots of land in 2019, but the CMC initiated legal action.However, the judiciary has informed both parties to settle the dispute amicably as two state bodies.

China has also requested the land dispute to be resolved before the implementation of the project. The matter has now been settled.

Construction is scheduled to begin in March. The construction is scheduled to begin in March 2024.

Of the total houses, 1,888 houses are for low-income individuals residing in Colombo, while 108 houses are for artists and journalists.

The agreement to build these houses was signed by Chinese Ambassador Chi Shenhong and Minister of Urban Development and Housing Prasanna Ranatunge.

The distribution includes 615 houses in Peliyagoda Dutugemunu Road, 586 houses in Dematagoda Elumaduwa Estate, 575 houses in Moratuwa Battery Estate, 112 houses in Maharagama Ambowatta, and 108 houses in Kottawa Orchard with the latter reserved for artists and journalists.

The Minister said the housing initiative stands as a testament to the long-standing friendship and collaborative efforts between China and Sri Lanka.

Ranatunga also acknowledged Chinese Government support during challenging times, highlighting their unwavering friendship.

In response, Chinese Ambassador Chi Shenhong reiterated commitment to supporting Sri Lanka’s social and economic development.

He highlighted significant contributions China has extended to Sri Lanka, exceeding 100 projects aimed at improving the economic and social well-being of the Sri Lankan people.

The ambassador reaffirmed China’s readiness to further assist Sri Lanka in enhancing the socio-economic status of its citizens.

The event witnessed the presence of key officials, including the State Minister of Urban Development and Housing Tenuka Widanagamage, Ministerial Secretary W.S. Satyainanda, UDA Chairman Nimesh Herath, Director General Prayasad Ranaweera, and a group of officials.

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