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Col. K.T.R.B. Kodippili, a man of a notorious history of misconduct, appointed as Defence attaché to China


Army Headquarters (AHQ) recommended  the following senior officers for the final interview to be held at the Defence Ministry for the positions of Defence Adviser (DA) for the UK, China, Pakistan after a written examination and a viva voce examination on 25 November 2022.

O/62010 Brig  M P N A Muthumala USP pscO/62214 Brig K W Jayaweera USP pscO/62125 Brig  W M N K D Bandara RWP RSP USP pscO/62418 Col K T R B Kodippili pscO/62440 Col K A Pushpakumara RWP RSP USP pscO/62466 Brig M A D S Munasinghe RWP RSP psc IGO/62561 Col R R M P N B Bambaradeniya RWP RSP USP pscO/62712 Col R M S P Rathnayake USP psc IGO/62715  Col D K R N Silva RSP USP psc

However, AHQ overlooked the recorded and repeated history of unofficer-like conduct of Col K T R B Kodippili psc O/62418 during the initial interviews and and was recommended to go for the interview held at the Defence Ministry.

Defence Ministry Interview was held on  05 December 2022 and the  interview panel consisted of Defence Secretary, Assistant Secretary Defence, Army Commander.  The Defence Secretary  selected the following officers for below mentioned countries.   


Brig K W Jayaweera USP psc O/62214


Col K T R B Kodippili psc O/62418 


Col D K R N Silva RSP USP psc O/62715 SLAC

Col K T R B Kodippili psc O/62418 bears a history of bad character not fit for a military officer let alone a diplomat to represent Sri Lanka. Following are few examples;

Date : 26.11.1997

Incident : Assaulting a soldier

Place : 9 SLSR  Puliyankulam Camp    

Date : 14.09.2002

Incident : Inhumane assault to a subordinate officer

Detained in Aralaganwila Police Station for 04 days

Place : Maduru Oya Camp , Maduru Oya

Date : 19.04.2004

Incident : Assaulting a soldier

Place: 6/7 SLSR Camp Thilippalai

The AHQ has made this recommendation when  Col K T R B Kodippili psc O/62418  had not been officially recommended to go on UN peace keeping missions as a result of his unofficer-like behaviour and was disqualified for the USP, the Eminent Service Medal.

“ It is ordained that the medal shall be granted to all ranks of the Regular Force of the Army, Navy and Air Force of the Republic of Sri Lanka for valuable service and devotion to duty marked by exceptional ability, merit and exemplary conduct provided they completed a period of not less than fifteen years reckonable service and possess an unblemished record of moral and military conduct as at the date of recommendation is made. Recipient of the medal will be entitled to use the symbol ‘USP’ after his/her name.” https://www.army.lk/medals

Hence, it is evident that USP, the Eminent Servcie medal is invariably a vital and indispensable qualification ruling that was laid out by the military for a military officer to go on peace keeping and diplomatic missions.

As a result, there is now a serious concern how the recorded and repeated history of violent and unofficer- like behaviour of Col K T R B Kodippili psc O/62418 and his ineligibility to the USP medal were overlooked during the AHQ selection process and included him for the final interview at the Defence Ministry with their recommendations for such a prestigious, responsible diplomatic post.

The officers in charge of the selection criteria at the AHQ and the commander of the Army must be held responsible for their favouritism towards Col K T R B Kodippili psc O/62418 deliberately disregarding his ineligibility.

Therefore , it is apparent that the selection criteria were flawed and had been influenced by the Defence Secretary himself from the beginning and throughout in order to favour his lapdog (it is rumourd that Col Kodippili was helping Maj Gen Kamal Gunaratne write his book ‘Nandikadal’ in the past. Moreover, when considered all above factors and comparing the relevant qualifications of the rest of the highly decorated officers who were in the list, Col K T R B Kodippili psc O/62418  seems no match even to compete for a diplomatic position.

It is also apparent that the Defence Secretary had been acting in a discriminatory and  biased manner abusing his authority to nominate  Col K T R B Kodippili psc O/62418  who is ineligible and has a history of  behaving  in a scandalous manner, unbecoming the character of an officer and a gentleman to hold a diplomatic position representing Sri Lanka.  

Nominating Col K T R B Kodippili psc O/62418 for such a prestigious diplomatic position is unfair by the other officers who hold immaculate characters and have served the army with valour and dedication.

we also have once experienced how a DA for the UK brought discredit to the country and had been declared persona non grata and expelled from the UK in 2019.

What more could Sri Lanka expect from infamous Col K T R B Kodippili psc O/62418 who has a repeated and recorded history of wilful misconduct and violence against his own subordinate officers and his men, and once being in Police custody for assault?

Seram de Silva

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