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DFCC Bank Introduces Tailored Financial Flexibility for Freelancers.


By: Staff Writer

January 24, Colombo (LNW): In a pioneering move towards financial inclusivity, DFCC Bank is to unveil DFCC Freelancer – a comprehensive, tailored financial solution for freelancers.

This groundbreaking solution is uniquely designed to cater specifically to the dynamic needs of the growing freelancer community, setting DFCC Bank apart as a leader in addressing the financial requirements of this distinct segment.

Accordingly, this proposition will provide individuals who use registered, specialised platforms to provide specialised services, often to international clients, with a comprehensive banking solution.

Commenting on the launch of this new solution, Aasiri Iddamalgoda – SVP of Retail Banking and SME, said, “At DFCC Bank, we understand that freelancers are part of the backbone of innovation and entrepreneurship.

With DFCC Freelancer, we aim to empower this dynamic community with tailored financial offerings, setting a new standard for personalised banking. We believe this product is also a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and innovation in banking, as it will cater to a category that banks in Sri Lanka have traditionally overlooked.”

As the first Bank to offer such a solution, DFCC aims to provide a comprehensive suite of benefits tailored to the lifestyles and aspirations of freelancers in Sri Lanka.

Accordingly, with DFCC Freelancer, freelancers will enjoy attractive interest rates on Personal Foreign Currency Accounts (PFCA) and Business Foreign Currency Accounts (BFCA).

This will be facilitating seamless management of international transactions and, based on their income, choosing from customer propositions such as DFCC Pinnacle, Prestige, Salary Partner, or Salary Plus, thereby adding unparalleled value to their banking experience.

DFCC Bank also ensures the growth of freelancers’ hard-earned money by offering high interest rates on savings accounts and fixed deposits.

Elevating financial freedom, DFCC Freelancer also provides a tailor-made DFCC MasterCard Credit Card, featuring waived joining fees, 2% cashback on foreign currency transactions to any DFCC Bank account, and convenient 0% easy payment plans.

Recognizing the diversity within the freelancer community, DFCC Freelancer specifically caters to the financial needs of female freelancers, who will also enjoy a range of benefits available only to women through DFCC Aloka. DFCC Freelancer will also give customers access to specialised insurance packages, giving freelancers added financial security and peace of mind.

This innovative offering underscores DFCC Bank’s commitment to setting a new standard for personalised banking and empowering freelancers to thrive in their financial journeys.

DFCC Bank invites freelancers to experience a new era of personalised banking. Call 011 2350000 24/7, visit https://www.dfcc.lk/products/dfcc-freelancer/ to learn more and open an account 100% online or walk into any DFCC Branch to get started.

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