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Dustbin: How showed our identity has ‘Amude’


During this chilly season, the sports minister is always behind the dreams. While some may appear pointless, this one felt superb. The individual who thinks that ICC is some kind of planet thought to entrust his brother Arjuna to ‘Mr. Dealdasa’s son’ instead of going directly directly anointing him as the cricket king.

But brother, I can’t do as I destroyed my enemy. Minister Pulatisi recollected his memory and told ‘Sira’ that he remembered countless screw ups from this son. Handsome young man, regardless of the circumstances, please take him,” the voice from the other end of the line conveyed.

The minister circled his mouth like a netball and planted a kiss on the phone. It was a fortunate call, it brought great joy to Mr. Deal’s son. Brother, we must engage in a conversation with the world. We must say that legally, these individuals are wrong. “Let’s make a deal bro” said Little Deal.

He could not control the heartbeat, because deals are mixed with his blood. We will do those. And will consider you too. ‘You have to give us the rope. We will decide how far to go’. Having said that, the minister instructed deal son to arrange to speak in front of the world and then went indoors to change his attire.

The minister contemplated the appropriate setting for his speech, Arjuna’s manner is the best. National asthma. Even today there are people who think cricket became Sri Lankan because ‘Sarong’. He thought while ironing the national asthma. And thought it would be even better if he could grow a beard.

However, farming is also in demand. Thinking that suddenly after a long time the sarong worn will fell down, Ironed the asthma thinking that the Amude as the identity of Rajarata should also be worn that the country can see. When thinking about what to talk about, thinking about the country’s cricket in a heavy emotional way, want to cry a little. At the same time, I can lifted a sarong and wipe my tears to show Amude as the identity of Rajara. With that, i can fool the entire pulathisipura again. The minister devised a splendid nice plan.

When came out after planning the work, Deal’s son had prepared two letters. One for the media and the other for the ICC countries.

The minister was moved to tears when he thought of how the ICC is not even looking at it, how they are crying to get the sympathy of those countries by blaming the ICC and thinking of their commitment to cricket.

Brother Arjuna scolded the one in India with so much national feeling, thinking that we shouldn’t be traitors. The minister even felt how the secretary of India got tears and forgot that he had put on glasses and went to wipe the tears from   the   mirror   and   broke   the   mirror. When the Secretary of India thought that it was with that feeling that he said that he paid money to the boys of the Premadasa field to buy the match, the minister confirmed that surprisingly the Indian who has patriotic ideas would think that he would buy it as a patriot.

At first, he thought it was bullshit, but when he thought about the society that accepted most of the nonsense as patriotic stories, Sri Lanka and India, because both are South Asian, he justified that thought.

“Brother, let’s create this video from my office at the Ministry, We’ll place three or four national flags around me. As I deliver my speech, I’ll passionately kiss the flag twice, and then kneel down.”

Deal’s son said that when Amude hides what showing and kneels down when he says the rest, the camera won’t see it. Then agreed to be patriotic just by kissing. Amazing practical wisdom. Thinking that the work will be done perfectly, the minister gave twenty-four kisses.

Protect himself from the minister’s kiss more and more, he thought that I should ask my father to bring the group from the Avan Guard as well. ‘Wait a little, brother, I will go on a lucky trip.’ On the way, he ran to an apartment and said.

Now the work is going up. Camera work. The lights are on. One hundred microphones and ten cameras. Deal son explained the reason for the lack of cameras by saying that there are cameras here that work for about twenty channels. The work started. It came to the point of crying. I lifted the sarong to show Amude. covered face. It was only after I closed it that remembered that Amude had left it in that apartment.

By that time, however, all the e-mails that sent the international letter had been opened and looked at. Therefore, there was nothing left for the international community to retract. That video will be important for the natives who do not know that there is no cloth until they see it.

Amazing things happen even if hilarious.

*Adapted from original article “ඩස්පින්- අමුඩෙ තියෙන අපේ කම පෙන්නුව හැටි” published on 05.11.2023.

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