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Flight Lieutenant (Rtd) Subodha Angammana launches groundbreaking book on Hospitality Supervision


June 15, Colombo (LNW): Flight Lieutenant (Rtd) Subodha Angammana, a distinguished figure with a multifaceted career spanning hospitality management, military service, and entrepreneurship, has marked a significant milestone with the launch of his latest book, “Hospitality Supervision.” 

The book launch, hosted by Samudra Book Publications, represents a notable achievement in Sri Lankan literature as it is the first of its kind authored specifically for supervisors in the hospitality industry.

Having commenced his career in hospitality with studies at Trinity College Kandy, Angammana later pursued professional training in Australia, achieving qualifications including Certificate IV in Hospitality and a Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Human Resource Management). His tenure included pivotal roles at prestigious venues such as the Sydney Tower Buffet and participation in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games catering team.

Transitioning to a career in the Sri Lanka Air Force in 2005, Angammana exceled as a Resident Manager Cum Base Catering Officer across several military bases. His exemplary service during critical humanitarian operations earned him prestigious awards, including recognition for his contributions during the North and East Humanitarian Operations.

Notably, he hosted Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, during his visit to the Air Force Base Anuradhapura in 2009.

Following his tenure in the Air Force, Angammana continued to excel in hospitality management, serving as Duty Manager at Hotel Topaz/The Tourmaline, Kandy, and subsequently establishing himself as an entrepreneur with ventures like “Home Away From Home” and “Area 51.”

His academic pursuits culminated in a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and ongoing studies towards a PhD in Business Administration.

Beyond his professional achievements, Angammana is committed to social causes through the “Flight Lieutenant Subodha Angammana (Rtd) Social Service Foundation”, which organises charitable initiatives such as book donation drives and providing essential supplies to low-income families.

The launch of “Hospitality Supervision” follows his debut book, “Master Guide on Hospitality,” which similarly broke new ground as the first hospitality book authored by a Sri Lankan in Sri Lanka.

Reflecting on his journey, Angammana expressed his pride in contributing significantly to the advancement of Sri Lankan literature in the field of hospitality.

“I have been working in the Hospitality industry since 1997 in Australia, United Kingdom and Sri Lanka. My book “Master Guide on Hospitality” is the first ever Hospitality book authored by a Sri Lankan in Sri Lanka,” Angammana told LNW.

“My second book, “Hospitality Supervision” will be published on first of July this year at Kandy Book Fair at Kandy City Centre, Kandy, Sri Lanka,” he added.

The book launch event is expected to be attended by esteemed guests, colleagues from the hospitality industry, and well-wishers, highlighting Angammana’s enduring commitment to excellence and innovation in both hospitality and literature.

Hospitality Supervision” is poised to become an essential resource for supervisors and aspiring professionals in Sri Lanka’s vibrant hospitality sector, hence the book being pivotal for anyone pursuing career in the field, he remarked.

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