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Freehold deed program kicks start today making 2 mn people land owners.


By: Staff Writer

February 05, Colombo (LNW): The government will kick start the “Urumaya” freehold deed program, facilitating the conversion of Land Development Ordinance licenses into freehold deeds for eligible farmers.

A sum of, Rs. 02 billion has been allocated for this program in accordance with the 2024 budget proposals.

In a major step towards resolving land ownership issues for over two million Sri Lankans, the “Urumaya” program will be officially launched on 5 February in Dambulla, Tourism, Lands and Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Harin Fernando announced.

Speaking to journalists at a briefing held at President Media Centre, he said the program aims to provide permanent land ownership solutions, noting that over 10,000 land licensees currently holding Ran Bhoomi, Jaya Bhoomi, and Swarna Bhoomi licenses will be among the first beneficiaries of this program.

“February 5 will mark the beginning of a new chapter for many Sri Lankans, offering them a brighter future rooted in secure land ownership. This is not just a distribution; it’s a dawn of hope for the entire rural landscape,” he added.

These licenses will be converted into freehold deeds, granting them full ownership of their land. This move is expected to significantly improve the lives and livelihoods of millions currently struggling with land ownership uncertainties.

“The ‘Urumaya’ initiative represents a commitment to addressing long-standing land issues and empowering citizens with the security and freedom that comes with land ownership,” he said, outlining the program’s significance as a key step towards building a stable and prosperous Sri Lanka.

“Urumaya washes away the tears of many generations, writing a new chapter in empowerment and prosperity,” the Minister said.

Fernando also said the Ministry takes pride in another ground-breaking initiative igniting the entrepreneurial spirit of our youth.

“This ambitious program aims to empower a million young minds, transforming them into the architects of their own destinies. With ‘Urumaya’ fostering rural revival and this youth-centric project fueling innovation,

Sri Lanka is poised for a golden age. Join us as we rewrite the narrative, one empowered generation and one life-changing deed at a time.”

He said two years ago the country’s condition was similar to a critically ill patient. “Just as a doctor might administer necessary, yet potentially uncomfortable, treatment to heal the patient, the country had undergone similar adjustments under President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s leadership.

While not always agreeable, these measures were deemed essential for the nation’s recovery,” he stressed. The Minister asserted that challenges are embraced not for personal glory, but for the sake of the country’s success.

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