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Georgia explores trade links with Sri Lanka’s agriculture sector.


By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): Georgian business delegation explores enhanced trade links with Sri Lanka’s agriculture sector

A Georgian business delegation paid a visit to the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB) recently, to enhance trading opportunities with the Sri Lankan agricultural sector.

Georgia is Sri Lanka’s 91st export destination and in 2022, Sri Lanka’s exports value to Georgia was $ 5.02 million, representing a 22.45% increase compared to 2021, reflecting the growing potential for Sri Lankan products in the Georgian market.

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Turkey which is accredited to Georgia organized the visit of the Georgia delegation to Sri Lanka demonstrating their untiring efforts to boost commercial relations between the two countries.

Sri Lankan Embassy in Turkey Minister (Commercial) Thavishya Mullegamgoda together with the EDB, coordinated the meeting for the Sri Lankan private sector companies.

The focus of the discussions was on Sri Lankan agricultural products, particularly fruits, vegetables, cinnamon, spices, vanilla, and coconut-based items.

Accordingly, Georgian delegation met representatives from AdamjeeL ukmanjee and Sons Ltd., Eastern Allied Ltd., Earth Scape Ltd., Agriceylon Ltd., Raudo Foods Ltd., Silver Mill Group, and Nelna Agri Development Ltd., made presentations showcasing their products and offerings.

The Georgian delegates expressed strong interest in the products offered by Sri Lankan exporters and encouraged direct communication for future business opportunities.

Sri Lanka extended recognition to Georgia in 1992 and established diplomatic ties in 1998. In August 2016, the first session of political consultation in Colombo was preceded by an MoU for political consultations between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka and Georgia.

Both have developed relations in several areas of mutual interest. Furthermore, the trade between the two states includes frozen fish, tea, Ceylon cinnamon, desiccated coconut and activated carbon.

The Government of Georgia has been implementing significant investment projects in the agriculture sector during recent years.

The international financial institutions have played a big role in this process, among them the World Bank, which is an important partner and with which we have had very fruitful cooperation for many years,” said George Khanishvili, First Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia.

“Amidst the current situation in the region, increased agricultural production is becoming ever more crucial for the country.

Accordingly, the current and future engagement of the World Bank in the agriculture sector of Georgia is very important for the further growth and development of the entire economy of Georgia.”

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