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Government calls for tenders to import eggs to tackle steep price rice


The Government has taken difficult but essential action to import eggs calling tenders from today (Monday 09) to bring down a steep rise in the price unbearable for low and middle income consumers amidst divergent views and bickering of producers and suppliers to the local market.

The international tenders for the importation of eggs will be called from Monday (Jan 09), the Sri Lanka State Trading (General) Corporation has assured.

Accordingly, the invitation for the tenders, the quantity of eggs due to be imported and the selection of suitable importers will be decided upon by next week, Chairman of the Corporation Asiri Walisundara stated.

The responsibility of the importation of eggs and all related activities have been assigned to the Sri Lanka State Trading (General) Corporation by Trade Minister Nalin Fernando, Walisundara added.

He further noted that subsequent to the importation of eggs, it is expected for eggs to be sold at a price of Rs. 45, or less.

On 02 January, Minister Nalin Fernando explained the need to import eggs owing to the burden caused to consumers following the rapid increase in the price of eggs after the relevant Gazette notice was suspended.

Thus, it was then agreed upon by the Cabinet that Sri Lanka will begin importing eggs, in an attempt to resolve the matter of concern.

Meanwhile, the All Ceylon Egg Producers’ Association has announced that eggs will be supplied to all economic centers in Colombo at Rs. 53.

A stock of 800,000 eggs is due to be brought to Colombo today for this purpose, Chairman of the Association S. Ratnayake stated.

Moreover, Ratnayake added that free eggs are being distributed to the Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital in Colombo commencing from Sunday o8.

The Sri Lankan government gave the green light last week to import eggs amid a shortage as poultry farmers have abandoned farms after a price control regime.

Official spokesperson Minister Bandula Gunawardena said the government discussed the shortage and soaring prices with stakeholders before allowing the egg import.

The government in August capped the maximum price of a white egg at 43 Sri Lankan rupees and 45 rupees for a brown egg.The government removed the cap last month.

The price control regime forced several poultry farmers to give up the trade, causing a dire shortage that experts say would take at least two years to normalize.The market is facing an estimated 40 percent shortage of eggs.

The price of an egg in December 2022 was around 60 rupees, which is more than double the price in the same month in 2021 when it cost 25 rupees.

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