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Government intervenes to tackle poultry and egg industry issues


SL Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) is now cracking down on egg sellers for violating maximum retail price initiative by selling it at a higher price amidst the ongoing struggle of Poultry and egg industrialists due to scare city of inputs.

The lack of animal feed, rising raw material prices, the fuel crisis, transportation issues, problems with foreign exchange when importing animal feed have brought the industry to collapse at present  industry sources claimed.  

Egg price has risen to over 65 rupees after the suspension of the gazette extraordinary published by the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) stipulating a maximum retail price (MRP) on eggs.

Egg producers have been stubborn and rejected the government request to reduce the egg prices. The MRP decision resulted in many poultry producers not supplying eggs to the markets until the prices increase.

The Consumer Affairs Authority yesterday (23) warned traders disobeying stipulated Maximum Retail Prices (MRP) for eggs, affirming that legal action will be taken against several vendors who violated the law.

On Friday, the Government issued a Gazette notification on the advice of the Attorney General stipulating the new MRP for eggs, where a white egg should be sold at an MRP of Rs. 44 and a brown egg at Rs. 46.

However, during raids conducted by the CAA yesterday, several traders were caught selling eggs at a higher price disregarding the stipulated MRP.

Despite having severe regulations and raids, traders were seen selling eggs at various prices above the stipulated MRP, after the All Ceylon Egg Producers Association refused to abide by the Gazette.

Sri Lanka will see a drop in egg prices to 50 rupees from next month onward, a top industry official said, amid the government’s effort to import eggs to bring down the prices.

The poultry and egg-producing industry’s struggle to boost the sector came under the spotlight yesterday at a high-level review involving Government officials.

The progress and challenges of the chicken and egg producers thus far were discussed in depth at a meeting chaired by Senior Advisor to the President on Food Security Dr. Suren Batagoda at the President’s Media Centre yesterday.

The poultry and egg-producing industry stakeholders were briefed on the significance of all parties coming to a consensus to grow the sector, a statement issued by the President’s Media Division noted.

Discussion topics included; the lack of animal feed, rising raw material prices, the fuel crisis, transportation issues, problems with foreign exchange when importing animal feed, as well as potential solutions to these problems.

Batagoda pointed out that most of the issues related to the industry could be solved by way of coming to a collective agreement among all the stakeholders by determining the prices of egg and poultry products accordingly.

He also called on all industry stakeholders to cooperate to promote the sector as President Ranil Wickremesinghe plans to transform the poultry and egg industry into an export business.

Chairmen of the Egg Trade Association, Restaurant Owners Association, All Ceylon Egg Production Association and National Farmer Association Board also presented issues affecting the industry as well as probable solutions to them.

The willingness to reach a collective agreement for the advancement of the poultry and egg industry was a special feature of the discussion while the intervention made by the President’s Office for the security of the industry was also appreciated.

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