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Government to send 10,000 Sri Lankan workers to Japan – State Minister


By: Staff Writer

January 31, Colombo (LNW): The Government has adopted a multi-pronged approach to foster national stability and prosperity focused on empowering vulnerable populations, creating foreign employment opportunities and enhancing skills development. State Minister of Social Empowerment, Anupa Pasqual, disclosed.

Expressing optimism for a brighter future, State Minister Anupa Pasqual unveiled a comprehensive plan, “New Village, New Country, Entrepreneurial State,” that aims to unlock the potential of 1.2 million needy families and propel them towards economic independence.

Recognizing the potential of international opportunities, Pasqual mentioned about the plans to send 10,000 individuals proficient in Japanese to secure jobs abroad. This initiative leverages existing language skills to open doors to lucrative employment options in a new market.

Further enhancing the access to foreign jobs and cater to a wider range of opportunities, the government aims to provide 100,000 additional foreign jobs for Sri Lankan citizens this year.

This ambitious target underscores the commitment to investing in skills development and training programs, ensuring Sri Lanka’s workforce is prepared for the demands of the global market, the State Minister explained.

He highlighted the government’s dedication to building a more stable and prosperous future for Sri Lanka by empowering its people, both within the country and by connecting them to international opportunities,

Anupa Pasqual, State Minister for Social Empowerment further said that; the government’s mission for 2024 is to uplift Sri Lanka through Aswasuma, offering social security to 2.0 million beneficiaries and empowering 300,000 vulnerable families, laying the foundation for a prosperous “New village, New country, Entrepreneurial state.”

Empowering beneficiaries is our ultimate objective, and we’re moving beyond simply providing financial assistance to achieve it.

The  revamped system focuses on creating opportunities for foreign employment, with 10,000 Japanese Language Proficiency Test passers already placed abroad and a further 100,000 foreign jobs targeted.

In addition to equipping beneficiaries with vital professional skills through targeted training programs, we propose fostering the cultivation of high-value crops like tea, cinnamon, and pepper for export.

This dual approach, combining skill development and export-oriented agriculture, promises a sustainable path towards economic empowerment, he revealed.

In a concerted effort to enhance the Samurdhi Development Department, a comprehensive promotion program is being implemented, targeting over 25,000 individuals.

President Wickremesinghe’s ambition is to empower the department’s workforce, with 2,000 promotions already planned for next April, and ultimately pivots its focus from mere welfare provision towards entrepreneurial development. 

A significant step has been taken to bolster youth vocational training, with three agreements signed with China.

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