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Govt continues diplomatic discussions to rescue youth held in Myanmar


By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): The government initiated diplomatic discussions are continuing to rescue and repatriate the Sri Lankan youth who have been illegally detained in camps in Myanmar, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) announced.

Issuing a press release, the MFA said that the Ministry and the Sri Lankan diplomatic corps in Myanmar have continued to actively seek the assistance and cooperation of the Myanmar authorities on the safe repatriation of the Sri Lankan nationals who have been trafficked there and also stated that this situation has been an ongoing issue since last year (2022).

Meanwhile, as per the latest reports of the International Criminal Police Organisation, in Myanmar alone, it identified trafficking victims originating from at least 22 different countries, although most come from the country’s Kayin and Shan States.

According to the MFA, as a result of the rescue and repatriation efforts spearheaded by its Consular Affairs Division in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Embassy in Myanmar and the Myanmar Government authorities, a total of 32 victims were rescued between 2022 and this year (2023).

In a concerted effort to secure the release of Sri Lankan youths trapped in a Myanmar terror camp, Ambassador Janaka Bandara announced a collaborative initiative involving six nations.

The Ambassador said that the mission is working tirelessly alongside India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar itself, Thailand, and Nepal to bring the captive Sri Lankans back home safely.

Developments in the harrowing case of Sri Lankan youths trapped in a Myanmar terror camp took a shocking turn, with Ambassador Janaka Bandara revealing startling new information.

During discussions with counterparts from six nations, including India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar itself, Thailand, and Nepal, Ambassador Bandara learned that over 200 Indian youth are also suffering as cyber slaves in the camp’s clutches.

In a sign of potential progress, Ambassador Bandara reported that the he has planned talks with the Myanmar military Junta to discuss the release of the Sri Lankan captives.

Additionally, a meeting between Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabri and his Myanmar counterpart is slated for the near future, indicating intensified diplomatic efforts.

Adding a further layer of complexity, allegations surfaced of group selling Sri Lankans to the terrorist-controlled camp from Dubai.

Grieving parents pointed towards a woman named Juana, accusing her of facilitating their children’s enslavement.

The Chinese traffickers, involved in this global trafficking ring, are continuing their efforts to lure Sri Lankans into their cyber slave camps.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) and Attorney-at-Law Nihal Thalduwa, spokesperson for the Sri Lankan Police, confirmed an ongoing investigation into alleged irregular migration attempts involving one Chinese national and three Sri Lankan citizens.

Speaking to the media, SSP Thalduwa stated that four related complaints have been received and are currently under investigation.

While no arrests have been made yet, he urged individuals seeking overseas employment to adhere to established procedures between countries instead of attempting irregular methods.

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