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Govt provides a platform for the global IT  community to invest in the island 


May 11, Colombo (LNW):The Government is set to position Sri Lanka prominently on the international stage, providing a platform for the global community to explore investment opportunities within the country. 

Through targeted programs, it aims to showcase the exceptional talents of our youth and provide them with unique avenues for growth.

This was disclosed by the Minister of State for Technology  Kanaka Herath, when he outlined the importance of the DIGIECON Global Investment Summit – 2024 (DIGIECON Global Investment Summit) held alongside the DIGIECON-2023 project, under the leadership of President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

He highlighted its special significance for Sri Lankan youth involved in the IT sector, emphasizing its potential to attract foreign investments and strengthen the nation’s economy.

Speaking at the Presidential Media Centre yesterday (10), Mr. Herath emphasized the vital role of the conference, held in conjunction with the “DIGIECON 2023” initiative aimed at advancing a digital economy in Sri Lanka under the State Ministry of Technology’s leadership.

Arrangements have been finalized for the DIGIECON Global Investment Summit, slated to take place in conjunction with the “DIGIECON-2023” project, on June 25th, under the auspices of President Ranil Wickremesinghe in Colombo.

This summit aims to bolster the ongoing DIGIECON initiative, geared towards fostering a digital economy in Sri Lanka. The conference presents a significant opportunity for individuals engaged in the field of information technology, including students, to advance their expertise.

Under the leadership of President Wickremesinghe, Sri Lanka’s economy has witnessed stabilization, with a notable reduction in inflation rates. 

This favourable economic climate lays a robust foundation for potential investments in the country. We anticipate that the summit will attract substantial foreign investments, thereby further fortifying the nation’s economy.

Addressing the media briefing Mr. Sachindra Samararatne, Assistant Chief Digital Economy Officer of the Sri Lanka Information and Communication Technology Agency said;

The objective behind convening such an international conference is to catalyse the development of a robust digital economy within our nation. 

With over 850 IT organizations operating nationwide, several young entrepreneurs have already secured investments from prestigious international institutions, highlighting the potential of our local talent pool. 

It’s imperative to further nurture this collaboration with global entities and foster the growth of our IT sector, given its significant presence in the global market.

Encouragingly, our country boasts innovative enterprises capable of attracting investors, both domestically and internationally. To capitalize on this potential, it’s essential to establish a comprehensive framework for IT centres across the country.

 The government has already pledged its support towards this initiative, with various ministries and embassies extending their assistance. Moreover, there’s a willingness among private entities to contribute towards this endeavour, underscoring the collective effort required to propel our IT industry forward.

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