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Govt to enact legislation to recognize more foreign medical colleges


By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): Sri Lanka is to enact legislation to recognize medical degrees offered by foreign universities internationally ranked up to 1000 while setting up three medical colleges in the island, a justice ministry official said.

Earlier, the Cabinet gave approval to amend the Medical Ordinance to provide for it.

An official of the Sri Lanka Medical Council noted that necessary noted regulations had been drafted and sent to the Legal Draftsman for examination.

A large number of Sri Lankan students obtain medical degrees from universities in countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh and China.

Recently, Bangladesh made a request for the recognition of more of its medical universities.

In a significant development, the Cabinet of ministers has granted approval for the establishment of three private medical colleges within Sri Lanka.

A senior official emphasized that these new medical institutions will adhere to the standards set by existing medical schools in the country.

“These institutions must maintain the same high standards as our existing medical schools. We must consider the number of our youth who choose to study in private institutions or abroad.

It is our moral duty to provide adequate facilities and opportunities for our country’s children,” he added.

“Professors who have worked as consultants in the medical colleges of our country have outlined minimum qualifications.

There is a law that mandates other recognized medical schools in this country to meet or exceed these standards. Additionally, three hospitals have been integrated into these universities, he said.

He also revealed that these universities have been urged to allocate scholarships to 10% of their student population, acknowledging the existence of qualified students who face financial barriers to pursuing medical education.

In furtherance of our commitment to addressing critical healthcare challenges, it is essential to consider augmenting the intake capacity in specific domains.

Currently, there exist stipulated minimum qualifications and approximately 13 medical faculties throughout the country.

Regrettably, only around 2000 individuals are admitted into these institutions. It is evident that there is ample room to expand these numbers, as the intellectual capabilities of the nation’s youth are beyond question.

It is imperative to provide opportunities to those with foundational qualifications who aspire to excel in the medical field, he pointed out.

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