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Horton Plains to be developed as a geo tourism destination in Sri Lanka


By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): Horton Plain and its surrounding areas are the highest plateau in Sri Lanka with an elevation ranging between 1800m and 2300m in the Central Highland of the country covering 3162 hectares to be developed as a geo tourism destination on the directions of the President Ranil Wickremasinghe.

The President emphasised the potential for the nation to generate significant foreign exchange by strategically developing Horton Plain and its surrounding areas, known for their appeal to both local and international tourists, with a focus on attracting high-end tourists.

Additionally, the President underscored the importance of ensuring that all activities align with environmental sustainability and adhere to eco-friendly practices.

He inquired about the living conditions of the residents in the villages surrounding the park, highlighting the potential improvement in their lives through the promotion of the tourism industry

President Wickremesinghe yesterday emphasised the necessity to transform Horton Plains National Park and its surrounding areas into a premier destination for high-end tourists.

He made these remarks highlighting economic values for recreational planning of Horton Plains after an observation tour in Horton Plains National Park.

A comprehensive Development plan is to be devised soon on the directions of the President harnessing maximum economic benifts while conserving natural eco system, official sources revealed.

The Geo tourism potential is to be evaluated using an assessment methodology with mathematical formulas. Scientific values, additional values and vulnerability.

According toa prviou study, National Park possesses high scientific value (ScV 56.48%), moderate additional values (AdV 38.25%) and a high level of vulnerability.

There was long felt need for planners to institute proper recreational schemes to enhance the welfare benefits of visitors. The economic valuation is bital in policy decisions relating to recreational planning in national parks, an eminent economist said.

President Wickremesinghe further conducted a survey of the lands owned by the Department of Wildlife and Forest Conservation related to Horton Plains National Park using map sources.

During this assessment, he directed officials to compile a comprehensive map encompassing all lands associated with both Horton Plains National Park and its associated region, with a prompt submission deadline.

Subsequently, the President conducted an observation of the road passing through the Udaveriya Estate and its vicinity.

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