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‘Incredible journey’: Citizenship for 33 Territorians

On Tuesday, 33 people received their Australian citizenship in an event attended by dignitaries including Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro and Member for Brennan Marie-Clare Boothby. For new citizen Brandon Duncan, 28, the pathway to citizenship has been seven years in the making.“It’s an absolute privilege to be part of a nation that is so culturally diverse and to be in a place that has everything to offer in terms of a bright future for our kids and an economy that is strong,” Mr Duncan said.“People here are absolutely amazing, warm, and welcoming. I don’t think it gets better, simple as that.”Originally from South Africa, Mr Duncan said Australia was “home away from home”.“(I) obviously miss my family and friends (in South Africa), but it’s been an amazing experience creating new family and friends here in Australia,” he said.“There’s so much I can relate to in Australia. The banter, the outdoors, barbecues with mates.”Mr Duncan said the journey had been a “blessing”. “You can holiday in Australia but you can live as if you’re on holiday too and that’s the amazing thing.”Ms Boothby said the ceremony marked the final step of an “incredible journey”. “In speaking with some of the (new citizens) they were excited to start the next phase of their lives living in Palmerston as official citizens where they can vote and continue their contributions,” Ms Boothby said.The Territory’s newest Aussies originate from Ghana, Philippines, Italy, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal, Fiji, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Nigeria. “Many have lived here already a long time and already built wonderful friendships, and while it isn’t always easy to settle they appear optimistic about their future,” Ms Boothby said.Ms Boothby said she was confident the diversity of Darwin’s newest Aussies would value-add to the Territory’s multicultural tradition.“Here in the Territory we are a melting pot of multiculturalism and with different nations represented we all get to experience a taste of their culture, traditions, and of course their amazing food,” Ms Boothby said.“Being raised in Darwin I was always surrounded by friends of all nationalities and now so are my children.“It’s a blessing to enjoy this as part of our Territory story.” Ms Boothby said the ceremonies were a privilege to attend.“To be able to celebrate this milestone alongside our newest Australians is one of the best activities,” she said.“It’s always joyous and makes me feel quite proud.”

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