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International leaders extend congratulations to Indian Premier Modi: SL President invited to swearing-in ceremony


June 06, Colombo (LNW): U.S. President Joseph Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, along with over 50 world leaders, have congratulated Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) on their electoral success.

Additionally, Prime Minister Modi has extended an invitation to Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe to attend his upcoming swearing-in ceremony, an invitation that President Wickremesinghe has accepted.

Traditionally, Prime Minister Modi has invited leaders from neighbouring countries to his swearing-in ceremonies. Sri Lanka, being a member of both SAARC and BIMSTEC, received invitations in previous years.

The government is now considering extending invitations to leaders from other regional countries, including those from the Gulf and Central Asia, pending their availability to travel to India at short notice.

Several international leaders, including those from Israel, Singapore, the UK, France, and China, have conveyed their congratulations to Prime Minister Modi on his victory.

Notably, President Biden praised the strong relationship between India and the United States, highlighting its “unlimited potential.”

The congratulatory messages also extend to journalists, civil society workers, and others who contributed to India’s democratic processes.

The U.S. State Department commended Indian voters and stakeholders for their commitment to democracy.

President Putin was among the first international leaders to congratulate Prime Minister Modi on his electoral success.

Similarly, leaders from the UAE and China expressed their interest in strengthening bilateral relations with India.

Prime Minister Modi is expected to participate in the G-7 outreach in Italy and the SCO summit in Kazakhstan, where he will engage with world leaders, including President Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Additionally, South Asian leaders, including those from Bangladesh, Bhutan, and possibly Sri Lanka, are anticipated to visit India in the coming weeks.

As the international community recognises India’s growing role in global affairs, leaders like Ukrainian President Zelenskyy have called for India’s participation in international peace summits.

Whilst Modi has not confirmed attendance at such conferences, he reaffirmed India’s commitment to regional peace and prosperity.

The congratulatory messages pour in as India prepares for Prime Minister Modi’s third consecutive term, signifying the importance of India’s leadership on the global stage.

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