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‘Kurundi’ in Mullaitivu district possesses potential to attract tourist and FDIs


By: Staff Writer

April 15, Colombo (LNW): Kurundi (Kurundumale, Kurundavashoka: Tamil: Kurundumalei) in Mullaitivu district has the potential to develop it as tourist destination and an area of attracting foreign direct investments , tourism ministry sources said. 

The ruins at the Kurundi (in Mullaitivu district is such a place currently being fought by the politicians stating that this is a site of a Hindu Kovil and not a Buddhist site.

But these ruins have been documented in an archaeological report of 1905.  An inscription that was recorded at this site has now disappeared. In August 2013, this site was declared as a protected archaeological site by a gazette notification.

The ‘Kurundi’ monastery constructed in the 1st century BC is considered sacred as the Buddha had visited the site during his 2nd visit, Prof. Samitha Hettige said.

In the 6th century AD, King Akbo has constructed the ‘Kurundi’ lake probably for cultivation & drinking water etc.

Kalinga Maga whom Paranawithana believed came from Malaysia (City of Holin as per Chinese chronicles/ present Klung valley, Malaysia) has had a base at ‘Kurundi’ (Ref. Mahavansa).

The British backed by H.C.P. Bell gazetted approx 78 acres of the ‘Kurundi’ temple lands as an “archaeological site” in 1933 & left it to the Sinhalese & Tamils in 1948.

After 3 decades they started killing each other for petty reasons for over 30 years. The ground reality in ‘Kurundi’ has changed with the rest of the society by now. Why should Sri Lankans unite to use ‘Kurundi’ to develop the district & the country? How can they do it? From whom can they learn?

Approx 98% of Cambodians are ‘Theravada’ Buddhists.  ‘Ankor Wat’ in ‘Siem Reap’ is their showpiece Buddhist base. Some Cambodians believe that Emperor Jayawarman VII was a reincarnation of King Dutugamunu, he disclosed.

King Dutugamunu gave glory to ‘Siem Riep’ & Cambodia by expanding ‘Ankor Wat’(Ref Cambodian History). During the Vietnam War US forces bombed the magic roads in the jungles of Cambodia bordering Vietnam to kill the Vietnamese who humiliated the mighty US forces with basic tactics.

During the offensives thousands of Cambodians died. Hence, average Cambodians were anti US then. Some believe that it lead to the rise of ‘Polpot’ (Politically Potential man) of the ‘Khmer Rough’ (Red Cambodians).

Within few years Cambodians realized the gravity of giving governing power to the wrong. During the past few decades Cambodians proved they are practicing ‘Theravada’ Buddhists.

 With positive attitudes, they managed to attract FDIs from its former aggressor USA & many including China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI – China’s 21st century international trade net).

They even went to the extent of opening a ‘Hard Rock’ café (iconic American brand) in Angkor Siem Reap & it has established as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Similarly Sri Lankans can use ‘Kurundi’ to attract the world with its archaeological sites, mixed cultural flavours & the lake etc. They may add more attractions as in ‘Slender West Lake’ in China he added.

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