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Nawaz Rajabdeen gets Hon DG post of Global Council for International Trade

By: Staff Writer Colombo (LNW): Business leader Nawaz Rajabdeen has been appointed as the Honorary Director General (Sri Lanka) for the Global Council for The Promotion of International Trade (GCPIT). With an impressive combined experience of nearly 45 years in both the private and public sectors, Nawaz Rajabdeen brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to this esteemed position. Throughout his career, Nawaz Rajabdeen has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a remarkable track record of turning around underperforming organisations and driving them towards profitability. He has held senior positions in various business chambers in Sri Lanka and overseas, showcasing his deep understanding of international trade and commerce. Currently, Nawas Rajabdeen is leading a United Nations-backed organisation in Sri Lanka, further highlighting his commitment to promoting sustainable development and fostering economic growth. His extensive experience in the private sector, coupled with his involvement in key business chambers, has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by enterprises. Rajabdeen’s notable contributions extend beyond his professional roles. He serves as the Co-Chairperson of the Global Peace Institute (GPI), a prestigious non-profit organisation based in the UK that works towards global peace and resilience. Additionally, he founded and currently presides over the Confederation of Micro, Small, and Medium Industries (COSMI) in Sri Lanka, an organisation dedicated to reviving and promoting MSMEs through various initiatives. As an Ambassador for the World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (WUSME) in Italy, Rajabdeen actively promotes SMEs as drivers of inclusive growth and sustainable social progress. His advocacy for women entrepreneurs and focus on livelihood and employment generation are noteworthy contributions to fostering economic empowerment. With his vast experience, influential network, and commitment to promoting international trade and business collaborations, Rajabdeen is well-positioned to lead GCPIT’s initiatives in Sri Lanka. His appointment as the Honorary Director General will further strengthen our efforts to foster global trade, facilitate partnerships, and support the growth and development of businesses.

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