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Orzone Group creates history with drinking water exports to Australia


By: Staff Writer

March 26, Colombo (LNW): Sri Lanka drinking water bottled companies have entered global market with 181 brands that are registered currently under Food Control Administration Unit (FCAU) in Sri Lanka

Among those registered companies, the leading players which are made a splash at a local, regional and global are: Orzone Mineral Water, Aquarich, Sun Aqua, Pearl Water, Aqua Fresh, Mount Spring Water, American Water, and Kinley are undoubtedly the brand giants of the local bottled water market in Sri Lanka.

According  to the  Food  Control  Administration  Unit  records,  174  brands  which  are  manufactured  known- mineral water  bottled companies  in Sri Lanka.

Water Sources Most of the local bottled water industries are sourced water from dug wells, tube wells, and springs across Sri Lanka.

 Many springs found in Sri Lanka are active throughout the year to supply a sufficient amount of water for industrial and domestic uses

Orzone Mineral Water Exports Ltd. recently exported 40 High-cube (HQ) containers of 600 millilitre (ml) drinking water bottles to Sydney, Australia, becoming the first ever Sri Lankan company to do so.

The Company has been awarded an order to supply one million 600 ml water bottles to Sydney, Australia, and the recent import marked the initial phase of it.

The Company started exporting water bottles to other parts of the world 30 years ago and has commenced exports to Australia with the aim of expanding the business.

Their drinking water is in high demand internationally due to hygienic bottling of water and packaging of the bottles in accordance with local and internationally accepted standards and using latest technology.

 Over the past, the Company has been able to secure the trust of the international clients by delivering their orders on time.

Affirming its excellence, Orzone Mineral Water Exports Ltd., recently bagged three awards at National Industry Excellence (NIE) Awards organised by the Industrial Development Board (IDB) and ‘Uva Abhimani’

 Awards organised by the National Enterprise Development Authority (NEDA) and the Uva Provincial Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The awards include two Gold awards and the Best Exporter Award.

“Over the past, we have achieved continuous success thanks to our customer’s worldwide and dedicated staff. Our aim is to expand our production capacity and the necessary plans have already been made. By doing so, we will be able to export more products and help to strengthen the country’s foreign currency reserves. Commencing exports to Australia is just one step towards that goal,” said Orzone Group of Companies Managing Director Dr. Upul B. Senarath.

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